Elcor, technology and innovation for the furniture and wood industry

With a commitment to innovation and technology, Elgor He has been working with companies in the furniture, wood and aluminum sectors since 1982.. Leading companies such as Equilan, Amunarriz, Alkain or Treku are some of the clients it has supported to improve their production processes due to its commitment. State-of-the-art technology designed. „In fact, the world in general and, in particular, our customers have experienced a profound change in recent years and digitization has accelerated everything. In the last 8 or 10 years, access to technology has been democratized And the figure of the integrator is playing an increasingly important role, he takes the existing parts of the business and integrates the new and the existing ones,” asserts Pablo Palaquin, Elcor's head of marketing.

It has undergone a strong adaptation process in recent years Custom manufacturing To satisfy a sector with a list of options for adapting to large mass production industries is lagging behind. „Increasingly, custom projects and short or unit series production are undertaken. This has brought about an important revolution in terms of machinery; Now production lines or machines that provide flexibility are required. Our proposition includes tools that integrate everything from customized design to order-to-order manufacturing into the systems of each project. To do this, we propose integrated digital processes and lean manufacturing. We help our customers to manufacture customized products on order basis.”, notes Palacin.

So, rather than machine salesmen, Elcor sees itself as “a Technology partner. Of course, a large part of our business is selling equipment, but our mindset is to provide the best solutions to the already integrated furniture, wood and aluminum industry. Software”, explains the marketing manager. In this way, Zumia is responsible for integrating various software to achieve total functionality. „In our view, There is no comprehensive and universal solution In the market, therefore, Based on common solutions, Elcor carries out its own development Responding to every need of every customer.”,

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In this sense, one of the projects highlighted by Palacín was implemented Equilan, a Guipuzcoan company with more than 25 years of experience dedicated to the manufacture of furniture for the retail sector. „It is a company that has grown exponentially in recent years and has created its own brand, Kana. To face this new phase and accelerate its expansion plan, it needed Increase your productivity. So, we went with the company Tech your workshop by installing a smart warehouse and return edgebanding machine”, he explained.

Similarly, the project was carried out Amunari, a benchmark in the manufacture of cabinets and furniture for large retailers and contract firms. „They've been entering Industry 4.0 for years with high levels of automation,” explains the marketing manager. „Now they have established a Separator Allows the scrap generated in each cut to be automatically returned to the warehouse for later use; One more second 'Nesting' involves creating a new production line, thus duplicating an existing one. This 'nesting' has automated loading and unloading, which makes it easy to control everything from the technical office and the flow is continuous with few sources,” he adds.

Elcor intends to continue in this direction in the coming years. „We have a mindset of evolution and continuous improvement„Says Balacin. „We are adapting to the needs created by the market, because in the end, there is a need for change, products are customized, equipment is updated …There needs to be someone behind this who is capable of not only participating in these changes, but implementing them in other organizations as well.”, he insists.

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To promote innovation among Basque companies, from SMEs to large companies, the SPRI Group has various projects and innovation aids such as Hazinnova, BDHI Konexio or Innobideak.

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