El Niño is coming strong, NOAA says

Toxic algal blooms affected major cities and fishing towns in Chile in 2016. Experts said this is related to high temperatures generated from El Nino.
Photograph: Stephen Felix (AP)

El Niño is almost here, a global change that will stick around this winter, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration declared This week. After an extraordinary three years girl, All signs point to climate change by 2023.

Lmonth, NOAA said DThere is a 62% chance of El Nino happening here Forms between May and July. Things have progressed rapidlyAnd now is there According to NOAA, there is a 90% chance of El Niño forming and lasting until the end of the year.

Both of these „Siblings” is represented by global climate changes Cooler or warmer ocean temperatures and changes in global air currents Weather and storm patterns. La Niña is related under-than-Average ocean temperature, El Niño is the opposite. Experts have noticed rising rapidly Recent sea temperatures, One of the signs of the formative year.

Now what can we expect dHe bIs Oi coming to town? Ocean temperatures are set to rise above average. The Atlantic hurricane season is expected to moderate because the storms It is more likely to develop there During La Niña years. However, SThere are worms It is more likely to develop in the Pacific. In America, DHe brings change more rain For southern states and East Coast. It also brings Warmer temperatures for northern states.

El Niño years are particularly warm. This was certainly true In 2016, One of the hottest years on record, According to For the World Meteorological Organization. Scorching temperatures have already hit the southIn Asia – last week, Vietnam has recorded its hottest temperature ever. can be expected It will be even hotter this year.

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