Crestron makes San Diego’s One Safe Place program possible

The initiative is based, to a large extent, on the integration of digital signage and information technology. Crestron. Its scheduling panels are distributed throughout the building to facilitate booking and scheduling of rooms in various offices.

A safe place is a program of the San Diego County District Attorney that provides support services at no cost to survivors of abuse and other harassment, and empowers them to move forward with their lives. From help with restraining orders and custody planning to trauma treatment and help finding housing.

To implement a versatile technology platform that adapts to the changing needs of a secure space, the company sought an audiovisual consultant. prevention and audiovisual coordinator Contact Wiring Specialists. The solution must be deployed throughout the center and create a streamlined experience for employees or visitors to the center without complex technical interactions.

The project was approached with a design plan that provided enough space to benefit the community. This approach translates into the technologies chosen to serve the center, which must provide an environment with personalized messages and informational digital signage with discreet solutions that streamline daily operations.

Crestron is a safe place in San Diego

Crestron technologies play a key role in configuring and navigating these digital content options, adding innovative digital enhancements to the services provided. Its simplified interfaces are essential and its Room programming They provide a clear indication of the availability of these locations. Plus, your own device screens make it easy to connect laptops.

Easy-to-manage amenities are designed to reassure visitors when they visit the center, but also to allow staff to manage rooms more effectively and focus on the situations at hand.

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Solutions to achieve a smooth flow Digital signage And room planning boards guide everyone through the building. The AirMedia Wireless Technology When working on screens and not being actively used for presentations or conferences, the Software Appspace Branded digital signage drives content throughout the facility.

Crestron is a safe place in San Diego

Room planning panels run Appspace software natively for a unified user experience.

The project is unique in that it relies heavily on the tight integration of digital signage and Crestron technology, allowing it to work seamlessly around users without the need for extensive manual interaction. Its scheduling panels are distributed throughout the building to facilitate room reservation and scheduling for various offices, including state and local government employees, police detectives, and medical personnel. These allow you to book and efficiently utilize various spaces that cater to permanent members and temporary users.

One of the most technologically supported spaces in the facility is the training area, which is equipped with a Crestron control system. Digital media content distribution platform and AirMedia wireless technology.

Crestron is a safe place in San Diego

The training center is an important component and provides a spacious and harmonious environment that facilitates advanced training sessions. While supporting hybrid remote connections, employees can divide the room to accommodate different groups and discussions.

There are many client interview rooms that take advantage of Airmedia wireless presentation technology and sound bar Crestron Flex, This creates a natural way to capture important conversations while maintaining a comfortable environment. Additional meeting rooms, primarily used by staff, allow groups to collaborate on specific topics or family matters. These meeting points and ancillary conference rooms are equipped with Crestron Flex video conferencing solutions.

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A secure location also has a remote courtroom system where victims can participate in court proceedings through software-like platforms. Microsoft TeamsIt allows them to participate in the court experience without physically being present at the San Diego Superior Court.

The San Diego District Attorney has created a facility at its One Safe Place Center that will not only revolutionize the services provided to its county members, but also lay the groundwork for future centers to be replicated in other communities. Crestron technology provides a solid foundation for a system that has the versatility to connect multiple sites and adapt as needs continue to evolve.

Special Products:

Crestron is a safe place in San Diego

  • CP4N Series 4 Control System
  • Crestron Flex Advanced Sweet Video Conferencing System for Medium Rooms UC-MX50-U
  • DigitalMedia 8G+ 4K60 4:4:4 HDR Receiver and Room Controller 100DM-RMC-4KZ-100-C
  • Receiver Airmedia 3200AM-3200
  • 10.1 Inch Touch Screen TSS-1070 for Room Programming
  • TSW-1070 Wall Mount 10.1 Inch Touch Screen

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