Talk about adverse effects of electromagnetism and studies on 5G technology

A presentation on Electromagnetism, Health Effects, Flora and Fauna will be held at Renacer Retirement Center today, Saturday 25th at 4pm. Following the installation of 5G antennas for telecommunications, Carina Delgado, an electromagnetic technology teacher from the city of Rio Gallegos, and Alejandro Rollhouser from CORTe will speak in town. We spoke to two experts from FM Dimensión who asked us several questions about the importance of this talk in society.

CORTe stands for Citizens Organized for Telecommunications Regulation. They are in most places in all provinces and in Santa Cruz. As one of its main objectives, Rollhouse tells us, „we want to take action and mandate municipalities as 5g-free zones until the regulation is in place.” They confirm that if there is no preventive measure, negative impacts can occur not only on people’s health but also on biodiversity.

Delgado introduces us to emissions of electromagnetic waves “all of which have varying degrees of damage to life. The meeting seeks to dispel magical thinking, bring knowledge to residents, and find out what radiation is and how it affects life. Then they focused on 5G technology. „In 5G we stop with that, but in most cities 4G or 4G Plus has high power factors and is associated with recordable diseases. People with no family history of blood clots, heart problems, dizziness or diseases they don’t know what they are responding to, rare diseases and consistent with long-term radiation exposure.

„At home we have routers and Wi-Fi devices that radiate constantly. People cannot ask to regulate something they don’t know. In El Calafate, that’s why they’re going to explain that the speech is open to the whole community, authorities, public officials and, above all, pleas in the presence of neighbors, as Carina Delgado says. They say, „A neighbor or a neighbor who feels there is something off about the sore throat or headache you’re experiencing. The talks are not an attack against anyone, they are informative, educational quality doesn’t matter, they are designed for people who have zero knowledge and want to know what it’s all about.

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