Commissions approve integration of advanced technology in transportation

This initiative to reform the LGMSV promotes the adoption of technological innovations in vehicles, fuels, energy sources and infrastructure.

The The Mobility Commission approved the concept to encourage gradual modernization of transport systemsBy Use of advanced technology.

The initiative with the draft decree is established in Section V of Article 5 of the General Law on Mobility and Road Safety (LGMSV) Adoption of technological innovations in transport systems will be promoted and encouraged.

By this, we mean vehicles, fuels, energy sources and infrastructure, with the aim of progressively improving road safety.

They ask for experienced representatives to the national organization

During its session on February 20, the Mobility Commission approved a concept that seeks to guarantee the proper direction of the National Mobility and Road Safety System.

This initiative modifies Section IV, Section A of Article 7 of the said Ordinance to strengthen the system and guarantee that those representing the State Governments have experience in the matter.

In this regard, Deputy Catalina Díaz Vilsis from the Morena bench, who made the proposal, said that the delegation would guarantee adequate and competent leadership.

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Meanwhile, Deputy Castaneda González stressed that it is necessary for the rule of law to be at the forefront and that these mechanisms should be led by people who can solve the situation.

Minutes approved by the Mobility Commission are forwarded to the Senate for review and approval.

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