A fan that Mexicans buy to beat the heat

Mexico has become hell due to the current heat wave. Looking for options that can withstand high temperatures a little better, many Mexicans have started buying any device that makes it possible.

If you don’t have air conditioning at home and you don’t want or can’t burn a big hole in your pocket, the best option is to opt for a fan or what many call a portable air conditioner.

Of all you can find, we’ve found the tower fan Amazon what It’s on sale Right now. An affordable model with fantastic ratings, it can be delivered to your home in no time and will help keep you from melting down these days.

Trio 36” Nomad One Tower Portable Air Conditioner Vented Photo: Amazon

There are many forms of fans, but undoubtedly one Very modern What you can have is accurate Tray 36” Nomad. With a tower type design, this tool goes completely unnoticed as it is not the typical circular blade we are used to.

Despite the narrowness of its body, this fan is equipped with a Powerful motor It has a unique air tube that moves by a few oscillations 90 degrees with 4 speeds Different. It also offers 4 different operating modes, comes with a remote control, and even lets you set a timer, perfect for „programming” the air for as long as you see fit and turning it off without you moving.

This fan is perfect for combating this heat wave - Image: Amazon México

This fan is perfect for fighting this heat wave – Image: Amazon Mexico

As for the noise, it says a lot Quietly If you’re concerned about cleaning it, know that its grid is easily disassembled so you can access and clean it when you need it without trouble.

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Over 11,000 ratings With an average rating of 4.7 out of 5, they are not wrong in their assurance that this sleek black fan is the best investment you can make right now.

Other Alternative Ways to Refresh Yourself

If for whatever reason our favorite option doesn’t convince you, we leave you both Alternatives Equally very interesting and with great user ratings.

Taurus is silent power

To see this we return to the form of life economic An 18-inch aerodynamic plastic grill and a pedestal fan with EcoJet technology ensure low noise and high airflow while consuming less.

A classic but effective más fan - Imagen: Amazon México

A very classic but effective fan – Image: Amazon Mexico

The Taurus model can be mounted on the wall, it moves in oscillations up to 75 degrees and has 3 speeds. Its price is amazing.

Honeywell Quitchet

Another tower-type fan (they’re pretty easy to find anywhere!) has 5 levels or operating modes – including one for sleeping – with a programmer and oscillating air emissions for up to 8 hours.

Another tower type option - Image: Amazon México

Another tower type option – Image: Amazon Mexico

It houses all the control buttons on the top and although it comes in two colors, you currently only have the limited white color – this model too. Rocks in the Amazon, so it is not surprising that they have lost the presence of black. should be taken into account.

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