Columbia, through its Omni-Heat Infinity technology, supports America's return to the Moon

CIn order to lay the groundwork for technologies, material inventions and sustainable human presence on the Moon, Thermal insulation technology used in outerwearUsed for lunar landerThe first collaboration between Columbia Sportswear, a global leader in outdoor, sports and lifestyle product innovation, and Intuitive Machines, an aerospace company pioneering the commercial landscape of the Moon.

Omni-Heat Infinity, exclusive thermo-reflective technology developed by Columbia Sportswear is slated to go into space with the next launch Intuitive engines are the Nova-C lunar lander. In laboratory simulations prior to this release, Intuition Machines researchers determined that the gold foil in Columbia's innovative Omni-Heat Infinity material would provide the benefits. Insulate the lunar lander against the extreme temperatures of space, which range from -156° to 121°C..

„As an apparel company that creates outdoor products for all types of activities and seasons, it's essential to put our technologies to the test in the most extreme conditions and find ways to innovate beyond our customers' current needs,” he said. Dr. Haskell Beckham is vice president of innovation at Columbia Sportswear. „Thanks to key lessons learned from this collaboration, we can create new products that help you enjoy life outdoors – regardless of the weather.

America returned to the surface of the moon in 50 years

Intuitive machines selected by NASA to transport scientific cargo to the surface of the Moon with its Nova-C lunar lander America returned to the surface of the moon in 50 years. The IM-1 lunar mission is scheduled to lift off with a launch window of several days that remains open until February 14, 2024. The mission will be broadcast live on NASA TV And inside

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„Columbia is focused on developing and testing new technologies in challenging environments, and our continued collaboration with Intuition Machines provides us with the ability to foster even more innovation from our brand. Looking ahead, we have the opportunity to set new standards for the industry in general,” he said. Joe Boyle, Brand Head D Colombia Sportswear.

IM-1 is the first of three lunar landers planned under NASA's Commercial Lunar Cargo Services (CLPS) initiative, a key part of NASA's lunar exploration effort. The CLPS initiative sent scientific and technological cargo to the lunar surface It will lay the groundwork for a sustainable human presence on the lunar surface and commercial development on the moon.

„Creating and defining the lunar economy requires innovation beyond industry norms,” ​​he explained. Steve Altemus, President and CEO of Intuitive Machines. „By integrating Columbia's Omni-Heat Infinity technology into our IM-1 lunar mission, we are confident that we are paving the way for near-term solutions on Earth and the next generation of commercial space probes that will access the Moon . . . for the betterment of humanity.”

To celebrate this historic moment, Columbia will take over the exterior of the sphere in Las Vegas on February 19Omni-Heat Infinity technology plays a key role throughout this critical mission.

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