Claressa Shields says Savannah Marshall should travel to America if she wants a chance at revenge in a rematch | Boxing News

„If Savannah comes to America, I’ll fight her at whatever weight she wants to fight,” says Claressa Shields, after the British boxer became the undisputed super middleweight champion, Savannah Marshall has to go to her home country for a rematch.

0:06, UK, Sunday 02 July 2023

Claressa Shields says Britain’s new undisputed champion needs a rematch with Savannah Marshall in the US if she wants a chance at revenge.

Following a fierce, physical fight at Manchester’s AO Arena on Saturday night, Marshall claimed all of the world super-middleweight titles with a majority decision victory over Franzen Kruse-Desern.

The win for the Hartlepool boxer prompted immediate talk of a second fight against Shields.

Highlights of Savannah Marshall defeating Franzen Cruz-Dezur by majority decision to become the undisputed super-middleweight world champion.

„If Savannah comes to America, I’ll fight her at whatever weight she wants to fight,” Shields said. Sky Sports.

“She’s going to hit America, that’s what’s going to happen.

„[I saw] Too many weaknesses and she didn’t learn from her last night.

„I agreed with the first judge that it was 95-95.

„The fight is close.

„I expected a great performance from both the girls.”

Marshall suffered a unanimous decision loss to Shields in an undisputed world middleweight title fight at The O2 in October, but he hopes his rival will step up a division for the return bout.

Savannah Marshall thanked her supporters after becoming the undisputed world super middleweight champion and said she hopes to fight Claressa Shields again.

„Sweet dreams,” Marshall said Sky Sports. „I can’t describe how I feel at this minute.

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“I think I broke my hand on her head, a tough, tough girl.

“Some rounds were close, but I felt like I landed the cleaner job.

“If she (Shields) wants it (a rematch), let’s do it.

„I’m sure she’ll try to put together another faction.”

Before her fight against Savannah Marshall, Franchon Cruz-Desern sang the US National Anthem.

Promoter Ben Shalom is confident that Shields will be tempted to make more weight.

He said Sky Sports: „She (Marshall) may have taken the easy options, but this shows what a champion she is. This is her weight. This is where she is comfortable.

„She deserves it, she’s put in everything, and I’m happy for her. What’s next? I think we know what’s next.

„I think it should be at super middleweight, that’s where Savannah is the best fighter in the world. That’s where the rematch should happen.

„The support for Savannah, I’ve never seen anything like it. She’s done the O2, she’s done it now at the Manchester Arena, it’s unbelievable, she deserves it. What a people’s champion she is!”

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