CIOs are looking for a return on investment from AI

As a developer who has integrated AI into his own software, King is not an AI skeptic. believes that If companies are smart about focusing their AI efforts, there could be a return on investment.. „Ultimately, like any new tool implemented in any environment, you have to learn it and know how to get the best out of it. Once you get past that first hurdle and that first learning curve, there are many problems that AI can solve for you,” he explains.

First, identify the use case

According to a Gartner survey, generative AI is the most adopted AI-related technology: 28% of respondents say their organizations have implemented it.. Machine learning and natural language processing follow closely behind. Lenor Ramos, a Gartner analyst who specializes in developing AI, says the analytics firm anticipated this value concern, as it was one of the main barriers to entry in a similar survey conducted in 2021. So many use cases, he adds.

Gartner recommends CIOs consider using AI.. The second biggest barrier to adoption of generative AI in particular is ongoing cost, Ramos notes. As the number of people using generative AI grows, some companies are surprised by the cost increase. „In our conversations with clients, we often ask the question of value,” says Ramos. „There’s a big difference between running some generative AI use cases in a few users and a very controlled environment and then scaling them.”

The survey results as AI research and implementation has risen to No. 4 on the CEO priority list for IT leaders The position of the CIO With this release, in detail, the pressure will increase on CIOs to flip that switch.

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Value monitoring

A company that consciously embraces AI CNH Industrial is a manufacturer of agricultural and construction machinery. The company uses AI devices in health monitoring systems that allow owners to receive alerts on potential maintenance issues. The company is using it to code and develop autonomous driving systems, says global chief digital and information officer Mark Kermish. CNH first introduced an autonomous tractor concept in 2016.

A small number of CNH staff use Microsoft CoPilot to record and summarize meetings. chatbot Powered by AI, it gives service technicians instant access to equipment manuals and repair information. „Now, instead of pulling out a PDF file, a three-ring binder, or a heavy manual, say, 'I’m working on a T7 tractor, I need to change the oil filter, and automatically pull out the page with the instructions explained. Plus, they can do it on their phone or whatever they have. You can send it to the printer.

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