CIO Summit 2024 ushers in the era of 'anywhere AI’

As such, the discussion will take place Data management For proper training of Large Linguistic Models (LLM), The Security information and samples and compliance of the present Act.

The two days of the 2024 CIO Summit Spain 2024 will feature high-profile speakers such as Philippe Henriques and CEO and CIO José Luis Sierra. Gossip, respectively; Andrés Mendoza, Technical Director for Southern Europe and Latin America ManageEngine; Víctor Blanco, CIO of CEPSA Exploration and Production; María Angeles Vicente, CIO of Elsa; Javier Paniagua Martínez, Director of Technology and Projects novelty; David Moreno, Director of Technology and Security tends to; Alvaro Ontanon, CIO of Characteristics of Merlin; David Chance, Director of Customer Experience for the Southern Region Commvault; In David Vaguero, CIO and CTO National-Nederlanden; Tomás Mateos, CIO of Water service; Raquel Pinillos, Business Solutions Director Kyocera; Raul Basson is responsible for presales for Spain and Portugal OpenText; Francisco Gonzalo, CIO Sasir; Israel Remusko, CIO d Dova International; Raul Rivero, CIO action; Sergio Peinato, CIO Time Coordination Logistics; Valentino Gallo, CIO of GranSolar Group; Sergio Mezzo, Senior Solutions Engineer Cloudflare; Tony Navas, CIO and Director of Digital Transformation Dorna Sports; Óscar Caballero, CIO of Rooster group; Carlos Massa, Director of Digitization and Information Technologies of the General Secretariat Court of Accounts; Miguel Angel Gonzalez-Galego Garcia-Munoz, CIO and Global CISO The ImesApi team; Jorge Gonzalez, CIO Adolfo Dominguez; Miguel Lorca, Global CIO and Director of Digital Transformation Torrent Group; José Manuel García Duarte, General Director of Information and Communication Technologies Valencian Government; Maria Jose Cesarino, CIO Lefebvre; Asuncion Montero, General Secretary Spanish Red Cross; In Rocio Lopez, CIO ING Spain and Portugal; Juan Antonio Rellano, CIO Bosch; Alejandro Exposito, Systems and Processes Company Director Glasses; Rafael Altana, CIO model; Tomás Rodicio, CIO of UMusic Hotels; Javier Ramírez, CIO and Head of Digitalization Domo Chemicals; Beatriz Marco Burguete, CIO of Cantabria Laboratories; Rubén Andrés Priego, CIO EVO counter; and Javier Mallo, CIO Leroy Merlin.

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They will also provide and moderate experts from ITC and Foundry etc Thomas MeyerGeneral Manager and Vice President of IDC EMEA; Jose Antonio CanoConsulting Director at IDC Research Spain; Fernando Munoz, Director of the CIO Executive Council at Foundry; And Esther MaciasEditorial Director of Foundry Spain.

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