Chile and Norway sign MoU on Aqua Nor

Norwegian Ambassador to Chile Jostin Leero.

Chile: The new agreement the two countries will sign confirms the work they want to continue to do for sustainable salmon farming, Norwegian Ambassador to Chile Jostin Leero said.

Norwegian Ambassador to Chile Jostin Leero said it is clear that the future of aquaculture has sustainability as its main axis.

There is no other way to promote an industry like salmon because consumers and authorities are now demanding it. That is clearly what both countries are doing in their manufacturing sectors.

In an interview with Salmonexpert, Leero said that cooperation between Chile and Norway in the aquaculture sector has a long history, „It is natural, because we are the first two in salmon exports worldwide. We share many challenges to develop this sector and we share good experts and connections to these sites.

From 2021, the ambassador said, „we have an agreement to establish a multilateral dialogue for a sustainable marine economy, which of course includes future aquaculture. In that way, both the President of Chile and the Prime Minister of Norway are part of an important international group to achieve the above.

But both countries want to go further. At Aqua Nor 2023, the world’s most relevant aquaculture exhibition, they will sign a memorandum of understanding to update cooperation platforms, agree on future issues, and confirm their continued work for a better salmon farming industry.

„This is a request from consumers, from the authorities, and we know that this is a central issue for the salmon farming industry, moving forward with all actors involved, including civil society,” said Norway’s representative in Chile.

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Regarding the new aquaculture law in Chile, Jostín Leiro stressed that decisions are made by national authorities and cannot comment on the process, but he explained that in Norway they are working with the industry to advance high-seas salmon farming. Searched here too.

„That’s why we need the best technology and the necessary regulations. We are defining the zones for this aquaculture development, without creating conflicts with other interests and always making sure that it is sustainable,” declared the Norwegian Ambassador to Chile.

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