Chief Water Conservation Mission, barangay administrators said

Photographed on July 6, 2023 as the water level of Angad Dam continues to decline due to the dry season.

Michael Vargas/Philippines Star Photos

MANILA, Philippines – The Water Resources Management Office (WRMO) yesterday ordered all barangay officials to carry out water conservation operations in Metro Manila and nearby provinces as the water level of Angat Dam reached dangerous levels.

Its bulletin no. At 2, the WRMO stated that operators of condominiums and subdivisions must instruct residents to conserve water by reducing activities that consume large amounts of water, such as watering lawns and washing vehicles.

„As we prepare for even drier conditions due to El Nino, conserving water is more important than ever to prevent massive water interruptions later this year,” WRMO said.

WRMO added that residents should practice using rainwater for non-potable purposes and reusing laundry and dishwashing wastewater to irrigate plants.

At the same time, the WRMO instructed all local government units in Metro Manila to repair water concessionaires Manila Water and Manilat.

WRMO has advised all government agencies to conserve water in their respective offices.


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President Marcos in April 2023 issued Executive Order No. 22, which created the WRMO, which is mandated to ensure sustainable management of water resources in the country.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) said there was a significant drop in the water level of the Angat Dam on Sunday, and the drop is dropping by more than 0.40 meters on average daily. 1.79.56 meters or .56 meters below its normal operating capacity.

In a radio interview, PAGASA hydrologist Rosalie Bagulayan noted that a drop of more than 1.2 meters was recorded at the Angat Dam from July 7 to July 9.

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“This is important for us because the Angat Dam is Metro Manila’s source of water, so any negative drop is a sign of possible water interruption,” Bagulayan said.

As of 6 am yesterday, the water level of Angad Dam has dropped by 0.43 meters from the previous 179.99 meters on Saturday.

“Over the last three days, almost half a meter, 0.44 meters less than July 7; 0.46 meters for July 8; and July 9, 0.43 meters, so it was more than 1.2 meters for the last three days,” added Pakulayan.

Meanwhile, Sen. Grace Boe described Manilad’s plan to cut water supply from July 12 until 9 p.m. as unacceptable, affecting nearly 600,000 customers.

Poe, chairman of the Senate Committee on Public Services, asked the state regulatory agency, the Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage System (MWSS), to take immediate action on the planned water service interruption to Minelot customers.

„Water interruptions are becoming more frequent; time is getting longer and the number of victims is increasing. This is unacceptable,” Poe said in Filipino.

Manylott said its customers may experience nine-hour water service interruptions beginning July 12 due to the receding water level of Angad Dam.

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