Barca to sell diamonds made from Camp Nou grass!

He FC Barcelona Will start the line soon jeweller Based on usage Diamonds With the encouragement that it will be built on the grass of the last game played at the Camp Nou. Mallorca, before the stadium was closed for renovations. It is a collection of exclusive jewelry Burnt HierbaIt holds sentimental value as it was last used at the Camp Nou before the club underwent its final reformation. Limak. Name given to Collection es Eternal Spotify Camp Nou 1957In relation to the year Inauguration 66 years ago at the Barcelona stadium.

Ansu Fati was congratulated by Alba in his last match at the Camp Nou against Mallorca.

Pep Morata / MD

It runs the Barcelona club’s contract with the company BrilliantSpecial Sustainable production diamonds. The business plan agreed between the club and this company contemplates the product Needles, Bracelet, Twins, Rings, Necklaces, Shields Y Needles, both gilded and white gold, and all topped with a diamond. A limited edition There are 57 diamonds in one carat And a total of 1957 jewels will be made. Its price Carat is rated as 15,000 Euros.

These diamonds are manufactured by Brillianto and the Barza collection consists of 57 one-carat diamonds.

The business forecast is that they can earn quite a bit 30 million The consideration is euros per year, shared between the club and the organization at an undisclosed rate. These precious stones with high Qule symbology are expected to be in high demand, especially from investors from the Arab world and China.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

For a diamond to form spontaneously in nature, many years must pass and very specific conditions exist. The company has patented systems and machinery that accelerate the creation of these intelligences with organic compounds. In this case, the Grass of Camp Nou. The process can be expedited and fully matched diamonds can be produced within a week. All diamonds in the collection Parka are created from Carbon of Grass of the playground. Thanks to the use of high technology combined with renewable energies, it can be made Diamonds With a completely singular appearance Fixed and with Environmental Impact 0.

Four stages of the process

It is a natural and technical process, according to which, it is divided BrilliantIn Four stages: 1) Floor removal. The process of making a diamond starts on the ground. First, a portion of the grass is extracted, bagged, and transferred to the laboratory for carbonization, all with a notary certifying the origin of the grass. 2) Grassland carbonation. Second, the process of carbonization is activated, thus converting the grass into carbon. This process is carried out by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. 3) Formation of diamonds. The use of high technology and renewable energy allows to recreate the same conditions as nature in this ingenious creation. 4) Diamond certification and accreditation. All of them are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity detailing the special appearance of the carbon, the characteristics of the diamond, the identification number and the IGI certificate (proof of authenticity of the stone) of the series.

Diamonds with Pele’s hair

The company also created a special collection of 1,283 diamonds skin Made of you Capello And it represents the number goals His life was marked by 'Oh Rei’.

Espanyol has its collection

Brilliant It has also made a collection of diamond jewelry for RCD Espanyol On his occasion 120 birthday. For example, one carat sells for 13,189 euros, half a carat for 2,287 euros, 0.25 carat for 650 euros, and 0.10 carat for 299 euros.

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