ChatGPT director calls for new agency to regulate artificial intelligence | Associated Press

The head of the artificial intelligence company behind ChatGPT told the US Congress on Tuesday that „government intervention is necessary to reduce the risks of increasingly powerful AI systems”.

“As this technology advances, we understand that people are interested in how it will change the way we live. So do we,” OpenAI CEO Sam Altman admitted during a Senate subcommittee hearing on Tuesday.

Altman proposed creating an agency that would license more powerful artificial intelligence systems, with the power to „remove that license and ensure compliance with safety standards.”

San Francisco-based OpenAI gained public attention after launching ChatGPT late last year. ChatGPT is a free chatbot that interacts with users through authentic human-like responses.

Academics initially responded with fears that students would cheat using ChatGPT to complete their schoolwork. That fear extends to broader spheres, given the potential of the latest generation of „generative AI” tools to mislead people, spread lies, violate copyright protections, and disrupt the way things are done.

While there are no immediate signs that the US Congress will enact new rules to regulate AI, as European lawmakers are already doing, public concerns brought Altman and other tech chief executives to the White House earlier this month. Additionally, several US agencies have pledged to crack down on harmful AI products because they violate existing civil rights and consumer protection laws.

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