CES 2024: Latest update on live-action Zelda movie… coming from Sony?!

If you're a fan of video game movie adaptations, Sony's big CES 2024 press conference will deliver in a big way.

Catherine Pope, president of Sony Pictures Television Studios, shared at the beginning of the conference God of war A sequel is in the works for Amazon's Prime Video streaming service. Additionally, Netflix takes a Horizon Zero Dawn Adaptation as well. Two video game-based productions are also in the writing stage.

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However, CES caused quite a stir online when CEO Kenichiro Yoshida hit the stage. Description of Zelda Movie.

The Zelda The film was announced in November last year and many seem to be overjoyed with the news of a Zelda movie because they missed a short line in the press release that the film was being co-financed by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Still, it's quite another to attend a CES press conference and have the CEO of PlayStation maker Sony give us a little information about it. Zelda A film co-produced with Nintendo.

“We're excited about another IP expansion,” Sony CEO Yoshida said on stage. „An adaptation of Nintendo's game franchise, Description of Zelda.”

There were audible gasps and boos among the CES crowd.

„This live-action movie will deliver an exciting story of adventure and discovery,” added Yoshida. Zelda Picture.

Yoshida later moved on to other upcoming Sony Pictures releases Poison 3. But, hey, if you're pumped about this being a freaking live-action The Legend of Zelda movie, you'll take any information you can get.

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There's something incredible about Sony's CEO taking time out of the company's big CES press conference to talk about their partnership with longtime rival Nintendo to make a movie based on one of Nintendo's most popular video games.

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