EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Bigg Boss 17’s Zigna Vora, Sunny Arya-Arun Mashetti feel they are living in grace period; See

Jigna Vora is another member who has now left the Bigg Boss 17 house following the mid-week eviction in which Navid Sol was eliminated. During his time with the prisoners, the journalist of Scoop fame opened up about his personal life several times. Additionally, Zigna also made headlines for forming a close bond with contestant Ringu Kumar. After being fired, journalist Zigna Vora opened up about various aspects in an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla.

Zigna Vora’s exclusive chat with Pinkvilla

While inside the premises of Bigg Boss 17, Jigna Vora was named as one of the contestants who lived through the grace period. In an exclusive chat with us, Pinkvilla asked him what he thinks about living at home during the grace period and why. To which Jigna replied, „For me, Tehalka ji (Sunny Arya) and Arun to some extent.”

Adding, „For five weeks they were always in the room under the blankets, probably cracking jokes there. And they didn’t talk to each other with any of the other contestants. Everyone in the house thought so.”

Watch the full video here:

When the contestants mentioned Jigna Vora staying in the Bigg Boss 17 house on borrowed time

In Bigg Boss 17, November 20, 2023 episode, Bigg Boss asked Vicky Jain, Sunny Arya, Arun Mahshetty, Sana Khan and Anurag Topal to name the three contestants staying in the Bigg Boss house with borrowed time. Clearing the air, Bigg Boss explains that they have to name those whose journey they think should have ended earlier.

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After a panel discussion, Vicky, Arun, Sunny and others confirmed three names: Ringu Dhawan, Jigna Vora and Navid Sol. Eventually, Navid gets fired and his journey on the controversial reality show comes to an end.

About Zigna Vora

Jigna Vora was working as a crime reporter in Mumbai. He started his media journey as a court reporter in 2005. After years of service, he received media attention for being named as one of the suspects in the murder plot of crime journalist Jyotirmai Dey. However, Zigna Vora was acquitted of the charges in 2018 due to lack of evidence.

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