Marvel’s LGBTQIA+ legacy and future take center stage on this year’s Pride Month variant covers

Pride month is fast approaching, and Marvel Comics is excited to reveal all that’s exciting this year Bright variant covers! Yesterday, fans saw LGBTQIA+ characters from far and wide in the galaxy on new Star Wars Pride variant covers, and now six stunning PRIDE VARIANT COVERS featuring Marvel’s most beloved LGBTQIA+ stars. Werneck and David Talasky!

Celebrating Pride all month long, these variant covers will grace comic stands with incredible depictions of LGBTQIA+ heroes from all corners of the Marvel Universe, including longtime icons, rising stars, fan favorites and recent breakout characters.

While Wernecke captures the joy of Pride Month with characters that pay tribute to ballroom culture and gay nightlife, Talasky perfectly showcases the power of Pride Month with character strength and resilience.

All six featured characters are influencing Marvel mythology in ongoing series, limited series, upcoming releases, and more! Here are the comics you can currently find featuring the heroes and their stories:

  • Rachel Summers, aka Askani, daughter of Jean Gray and Scott Summers, an alternate future, longtime Phoenix host, and overall mutant powerhouse, currently fighting alongside Captain Britain in the pages of Betsy Braddock: Captain Britain!
  • Aaron Fisher, a.k.a. Captain America of the Railways, made his debut as the protector of fellow fugitives in 2021’s United States of Captain America, and after recently appearing in Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty, he’s starring in his own Marvel sequel Infinity. !
  • Black Cat, Marvel’s greatest thief and one of Spider-Man’s fiercest allies, fans can follow Felicia Hardy’s path of villainy and catch her legendary heist in the pages of her latest series, Mary Jane & Black Cat and The Amazing Spider-Man!
  • A former X-Men villain and one of the mutants’ deadliest warriors, Fang, known as Wolverine’s son Taken, has bravely served Krakoa in team books like X-FACTOR and MARAUDERS. In the new Alpha Flight series!
  • Escapade, the breakout mutant hero from last year’s MARVEL’S VOICES: PRIDE, is currently learning how to harness his one-of-a-kind powers and proving himself among the brightest heroes of the next generation of X-Men in the limited series NEW MUTANTS LETHAL. Legion!
  • The most amazing hero in the Spider-Verse, Web-Weaver slayed runways and supervillains alike in last year’s Edge of the Spider-Verse and after a recent appearance in Spider-Man, will headline his next solo adventure in next month’s Marvel’s Voices: The Spider-Verse!

„Bride type! It was so much fun creating these three covers. Putting the characters in a ballroom setting, living the best moment of their lives and reminding us to do the same. We’re beautiful. We deserve to shine and be happy,” Werneck said. „Marvel’s Pride I’m so excited to be a part of the celebration for the second year, it means so much to me! I had so much fun making them!”

„I love comics, and it’s always exciting to draw these characters, but this becomes a tribute to my community of queer comic fans,” Talasky said. They’re all LGBTQIA+ characters from 40 years of comics, so I feel like I’m creating something for not only longtime fans but also new ones.”

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