Carolina Dean’s space mission to regain her powers begins in a new 'Runaways’ story

For readers unfamiliar with the Light Brigade: who are they and what role are they going to play in this arc?

Terry Blass: The Light Brigade is a militaristic Majestan force who previously came to kidnap Carolina so she could pay for her parents’ crimes. Sev left with them disguised as Carolina. Since then, Savin has designed the Light Brigade as a team that travels through space to protect those who need help or are being taken advantage of. This has helped expand their group beyond the Majestani and for some new members, they even serve as chosen family.

Bruno, any character or sequence that you enjoyed drawing from Terry’s scripts?

Bruno Oliveira: Whenever I get to play a bit with humor and fun interactions between characters, that’s when I really enjoy myself! This was my second time working with Terry and I already knew I would have some of those moments. So, I don’t have a specific scene in mind, no.

How to portray General Savin’s (relatively) new design?

Bruno Oliveira: That was a fun one! I don’t know the character, but I liked that serious look/pose [as seen in RUNAWAYS #38] Not who they really are. There are moments in this story that we reach In fact See Savein. So, for me, it wasn’t the design that really excited me, but drawing warm, happy and funny expressions on these kind of (usually) serious characters. I love it!

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