Jodie Foster 'not in love’ with side of film production

Jodie Foster opens up about her filmmaking process and why she’s not completely „in love” with the acting side of the industry.

During a recent conversation with Jodi Comer Interview magazineThe Oscar winner admitted that she was „not a natural actress”.

„I got hooked on it when I was three,” he explained. „I could have been a lawyer or a college professor. It wasn’t my way. So I loved the technical side of filmmaking, but I never fell in love with the acting part. It was against my nature, and I think that’s what made me rich.

Throughout what has become a decade-long acting career, The Truth detective The star said that he learned a lot about himself, and he isolated himself from his co-stars.

„I’ve always made movies by myself, and it’s about my character, and I don’t have to deal with other actors. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that it’s selfish to be jealously protective of something that I don’t want to share,” Foster told Comer. Are we also energetic?’ Instead of everything being about me. It’s really interesting because now I’m meeting all these actors who do everything differently.

As for the filmmaking side of the industry, The Panic room The star has climbed the director’s chair many times for films like A vacation home And Money monsterHe said he also felt his process as a director was different from others.

„When I’m directing, I like to talk, so I talk to people about techniques, but I don’t want to get into an actor’s body because I think that’s invasive,” he explained. “Say it fast, slow. Tell me, 'I don’t feel the part, but don’t talk about my childhood, don’t try to be with me.

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When Foster is at the helm, he emphasizes the rehearsal and pre-production stages so that the cast can feel prepared on shoot day.

„I want them to not question themselves, so you have to create something that’s cohesive and feels spontaneous and raw and fresh,” he said. „I tell the directors that, but they don’t listen to me, so sometimes I’ll be working on a movie where I have to do 120 takes, and I’m like, 'Okay, okay, here I go.'”

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