„Carbon Cakes”, Fujitsu's attempt to combine technology and gastronomy to fight pollution

Together with the RGA agency, the Japanese company has teamed up with renowned pastry chef Asako Iwayanaki to explain the impact of our actions on daily air quality.

Fujitsu invites reflection with „Carbon Cakes,” an effort to combine technology and gastronomy to highlight its impact on air quality, carbon footprint, and health and the environment.

The agency has teamed up with RGA and renowned baker Asako Iwayanaki to create cakes representing different levels of pollution using Fujitsu's patented Social Digital Twin technology.

Cake products reflect CO2 and PM2.5 levels from environmental data collected through simulations, showing the balance between environmental, social and economic factors in a radar chart.”, the company notes.

Each cake represented a specific scenario, from heavy traffic to public transport policies, and was presented at an event where attendees tried them on and participated in a roundtable discussion on measures to improve air quality.

The initiative seeks to create awareness about pollution and encourage lifestyle changes to reduce its impact.

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