CaixaBank Tech strengthens its team to reach 1,000 experts in technology applied to financial services

CaixaBank technology.

• CaixaBank Group’s technology subsidiary plays a key role in the digital transformation of the financial institution, joining 200 new professionals and growing in other specialties such as application development, cloud, data analysis and artificial intelligence.

• CaixaBank Tech has multidisciplinary technical teams that provide the best IT service to the CaixaBank Group and promote the development of new financial solutions in close collaboration with global technology leaders such as Google Cloud, IBM, Microsoft or Salesforce.

• Positions are located in CaixaBank Tech’s three operational centers: Barcelona, ​​Madrid and the recently opened new headquarters in Seville.

CaixaBank Tech, the technology subsidiary of the CaixaBank Group, will expand its professional team by incorporating 200 external experts, mainly young people with technical and scientific degree training.

The selection process is already underway, with the aim of having the new integrations operational by the end of 2023. In this way, CaixaBank technology It will exceed 1,000 employees in the workforce, at a key moment in the digital transformation of the CaixaBank Group and the banking sector in general.

Among the areas where CaixaBank Tech strengthens its team, it is worth highlighting the environment of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics with various levels of experts in data engineers, data scientists and experts in machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing.

The company will hire developers in Python, React and Java. applications Promoting the development and applications of hybrid technologies, AI and advanced analytical models Software (the “Application”) in Financial Services. Likewise, cyber security professionals and experts the cloudas well as digital marketing, usability (UX) and quality engineers (Quality assurance)

Experts are also selected for a team dedicated to digital transformation, with specialties such as instructions Active Y ScrumInnovation and change in the workplace.

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New CaixaBank Technology Center in Seville

These positions are located in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​as well as in the new center opened by CaixaBank Tech in Seville. In terms of organization, Seville has great potential Center The technology development and the opening of the center will attract technical talents interested in growing professionally within the CaixaBank Group.

The Seville team will work for all CaixaBank Tech specialization areas, although it will have a special focus as a development center. Software With special profiles.

About CaixaBank technology

CaixaBank Tech is a subsidiary of the CaixaBank Group, which includes most of the specialized technology groups. The role is key to developing and developing products and services for the bank, which has more than 20 million customers in Spain and more than 11 million users of its CaixaBankNow digital bank. Processor.

As a technology specialist company, CaixaBank Tech drives the entire development cycle of new financial solutions (To conclude), with quality as a distinct element in projects and a special focus on artificial intelligence, advanced data analytics, the cloud Blending and creating apps.

Teams work closely with the best partners Technological advances in each specialty and use of new methodologies that provide innovation for all phases of the process. The development of projects with partners who are global technology leaders such as Google Cloud, IBM, Microsoft or Salesforce supports the development of the expertise of CaixaBank technicians who have access to training platforms and official certifications. Participating in co-creation activities based on innovations such as Boot camps oh Hackathons and international conferences.

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To promote the attraction and retention of talent, the company is based on new project and career management methods such as gamification, professional development programs and specializations based on a flexible organizational model and horizontal structures, providing maximum technical know-how. A culture that focuses on these profiles. Likewise, CaixaBank Tech is a pioneer in flexibility, well beingSustainability and social commitment aimed at its professional team, such as participation in CaixaBank volunteering programs, one of Spain’s largest voluntary initiatives.

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