How Mark Zuckerberg Spends Most of His Fortune on Hawaii Real Estate

Zuckerberg has always been happy to buy property despite being based in the US (Image: Getty)

Mark Zuckerberg He is not yet 40 years old but till last year was in the list of 10 richest people in the world. Today, the number 16 occupies, The founder of Facebook is one of the most influential people of this era who not only bought other social networks but also invested in them.But it also has at least a dozen properties in the United States.

The US president has a net worth of $101 million ForbesA fortune he achieved in his own way, though his accomplishments and acquisitions, including his real estate purchases, were rarely without controversy.

Now the leader MetaThe group that will integrate Facebook from 2021, Instagram, Share it and other products, which expands its portfolio of properties while adding to the discomfort of neighbors who complain that their rights are being violated by having to maintain the billionaire programmer’s privacy.

The properties, located mainly between California and Hawaii, have become large bubbles for Zuckerberg and his family, made up of his wife Priscilla Chan and their three daughters.

Among the attributes, the programmer is rated It covers nearly 6,000 square meters with an investment of $320 million.

It has not yet been reported that the businessman owns other assets outside the US, but the truth is that the so-called developer MetaversoYou don’t have to leave home to travel far.

Mark Zuckerberg Con Su Esposa Priscilla Chan.  REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Mark Zuckerberg Con Su Esposa Priscilla Chan. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

California: A House on Every Corner

Mark and Priscilla met while studying Harvard They stayed together when Zuckerberg dropped out of college and took dizzying leaps into the world of business and fame.

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In 2011, a year before the wedding, the two agreed to buy a property Palo AltoCalifornia, approximately 400 square meters, occupies a 10-minute drive from the campus, making it an ideal location for businessmen.

Located in the Crescent Park neighborhood, the property has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a $7 million saltwater pool.

Unsurprisingly, the techie decked out the house with electronic gadgets, including a „personalized” artificial intelligence „assistant” named Jarvis.

He Wizard Jarvis Help turn the lights on or off, control the room temperature, play music, teach the girls to speak Mandarin, toast bread, and alert them if someone is home, even if it’s a family member.

As you can see, Jarvis helps keep the family safe from unwanted visitors or visitors, which led to Zuckerberg sans buying their next property.

And so 2012 was the year he formally married Priscilla and bought four adjoining properties with the intention of tearing her down and rebuilding.

However, the idea was frustrated City Laws And he was only allowed to rebuild two of the houses and renovate the other two.

This proprietary investment exceeds $30 million.

A pied-à-terre in San Francisco

Pied-a-Terre is a second, third or fourth property. For example, a property that caters to a businessman who doesn’t live in the area where he often does business wants his own place to stay and feel at home, to avoid going to a hotel.

In 2013 Jody Zuckerberg Chan Bought a Pied-a-Terre 10 million dollars for 1,689 square meters in San Francisco Dolores Heights He invested another $1.6 million in renovations that included kitchen upgrades, office fixtures, a laundry room, a half bath, a wine cellar, a bar and a nursery, among other changes.

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Los Neighbors complained The 17-month-long renovation work has destroyed the footpaths, lack of on-street parking spaces and the uncomfortable presence of security agents, which has disrupted peace.

But he wasn’t going to keep that house. In July 2022, the Facebook founder sold the property for $31 million in an „off-market” transaction, considered the largest residential real estate deal to date in San Francisco.

I also bought a house in San Francisco for $10 million (Photo: Getty)

He also bought a house in San Francisco for $10 million (Image: Getty)

Love for Hawaii

In 2014, the couple decided to invest in Hawaii, and for more than $100 million they acquired 300 hectares in two properties, including most of Pila Beach and the Kahuaina Plantation located on the island. Kawaii.

The estate is home to more than 613 square meters, with a parking space for 16 vehicles, as well as enough space for Zuckerberg’s security team.

In 2016, Hawaiians began to feel uneasy with their new neighbors after the president of Meta decided to build a two-meter wall around his property.

The Zuckerberg Chan family has purchased land and real estate on the island of Kauai (Photo: Getty)

The Zuckerberg-san family loves the island of Kauai and has bought land and real estate there (Image: Getty)

A year later, the businessman caused further trouble for the city when he filed a lawsuit against Hawaiian families claiming legal rights to parcels of land located in the area the billionaire had purchased.

Zuckerberg learned that Hawaii’s land title law doesn’t work like it does in the other 49 US states, so he withdrew the lawsuit.

But even if the billionaire withdraws the case, He has not stopped short of being accused of practicing „neo-colonialism”. By the inhabitants of the island.

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In the month of March 2021 The boss invested another $53 million in 240 hectares in Kauai and $17 million in 44 hectares in December.

That latest land acquisition by Zuckerberg includes the century-old Ka Loko Reservoir, which released 400 million gallons of water when it tragically collapsed in 2006, killing 7 people on Kauai’s North Shore.

Hanalei in Hawaii, Kauai.  In Kauai, Meta's founder has made multi-million dollar investments (Photo: Getty)

Hanalei in Hawaii, Kauai. In Kauai, Meta’s founder has made multi-million dollar investments (Photo: Getty)

The dam has not been repaired, so it is still considered a high risk, but the wealthy couple has agreed to comply with legal requirements regarding the management of the dam, couple spokesman Ben LaBolt said in reports. The insider.

LaBolt also pledged that the couple is working closely with members of the island community to „promote conservation, produce sustainable agriculture and protect wildlife” in the area.

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From the beach to the lake

But it’s not all Hawaii, and the Zuckerbergs also appreciate the other landscapes it has to offer Lake TahoeIn Northern California, a place considered the „Jewel” of the Sierra Nevada.

The Zuckerberg family bought two mansions overlooking the lake in Lake Tahoe (Photo: Getty)

The Zuckerberg family bought two mansions overlooking Lake Tahoe (Image: Getty)

That’s why it was revealed that in 2019 the programmer and his wife decided to buy two mansions in this area for 59 million dollars, and between the two properties they have 55,741 square meters of private waterfront on Lake Tahoe.

One of the properties, called Brushwood Estate, has six bedrooms, five bathrooms and two half-baths. The outdoor area, in addition to the beautiful gardens, has an outdoor Jacuzzi and a private dock.

A second property, the Carousel Estate, has eight bedrooms and nine and a half bathrooms. In addition, it has a good stretch of beach and its own cove.

As can be seen, the billionaire couple’s real estate acquisitions are almost never limited to one property in the same location, with the purchase always protected against annoying neighbors or invasion of privacy.

Source: The insider, Forbes, Real Estate, Ballotonline

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