Buddhist Studies: Dr. Oren Hanner Online talk on Buddhist ethics and shared agency

Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at New York University, Abu Dhabi and Research Fellow at the Numada Center for Buddhist Studies at the University of Hamburg, Dr. Oren Honor on March 12 “The Buddhist Doctrine of Shared Agency at a Glance.”

Presented by Buddha-Dharma Center of Hong Kong (BDCHK) Dr. Honor's Public Speaking, a Postgraduate Research Institute and Center for Buddhist Studies, can be attended online via Zoom or in person on BDCHK's campus. Downtown Hong Kong's Pacific Place Building.

„Contemporary scholarship on Buddhist ethics, particularly works inspired by an engagement view of Buddhism, has made various attempts to reconstruct Buddhist responses to modern ethical problems. Some of these problems are collective and political in nature; for example, how Buddhist teachings can inspire environmental activism or provide principles for a just society,” BDCHK with BDG explained in a shared announcement.

„[This upcoming] The talk seeks to introduce the theoretical foundation for Buddhist ethics in a social context by considering the question of shared responsibility; That is, individual agents are liable for actions performed jointly with other persons. Based on Vasubandhu's action and its consequences, this account of shared agency and responsibility will be reconstructed. Abhidharmakoshabashya (Treasury of Metaphysics) and In Vimsatika (Twenty verses) as well as insights from Buddhist narrative literature.”

Dr. Oren Honor. Image courtesy of BDCHK

Dr. Honor's academic work focuses on Indian and Buddhist philosophy, ethics and action theory, and the history of cross-cultural philosophy. His revised vol Buddhism and Skepticism: Historical, Philosophical and Comparative Perspectives (Hamburg Buddhist Studies Series 13, Project Verlag, 2020) examines the place and role of skeptical thought in Buddhist philosophy from a Buddhist and cross-cultural perspective. Dr. Honor's continuing research interests include the meaning of life in Buddhism, collective agency, and justice.

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„After considering the motivations of Buddhist writers to think about the problem of shared agency and responsibility, I will analyze the necessary conditions for shared action according to Vasubandhu, connect them to his broader account of action, and propose that his theory offers Western. Discussions of shared agency new perspectives on this issue, shared agency „Includes a comprehensive view of and internal quality of moral evaluation,” said Dr. Honor said about his upcoming lecture.

Dr. Honor's public talk, “Toward a Buddhist Theory of Shared Agency,” will be held in English and broadcast live at the following times:

Auckland: 12 noon, Wednesday, 13 March
Canberra: 10pm, Tuesday, 12 March
Seoul, Tokyo: 8pm, Tuesday, 12 March
Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei: 7 pm, Tuesday, 12 March
Bangkok, Jakarta: 6 p.m., Tuesday, 12 March
New Delhi: 4:30 p.m., Tuesday, 12 March
Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm: 12 noon, Tuesday, 12 March
London: 11 am, Tuesday, 12 March
Montreal, New York: 7 am, Tuesday, 12 March
Los Angeles, Vancouver: 4 am, Tuesday, 12 March

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Founded in 2012, the Buddha-Dharma Center of Hong Kong is a registered charity in Hong Kong that works to promote the integration of Buddhist studies and dharma practices, framed by the doctrine of the Five Spiritual Skills: Faith, Vigor, Mindfulness, Equilibrium. , and wisdom. Under this broad measure, BDCHK promotes the study and research of Buddhism by offering academic courses, published articles and volumes, and regular seminars, lectures and conferences.

BDCHK's academic programs, open to lay and monastic international students, include: Diploma in Bali and Buddhist Studies; Master's Degree in Buddhist Studies; Master of Philosophy in Buddhist Studies; and Doctor of Philosophy in Buddhist Studies.

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Toward a Buddhist Theory of Shared Agency – Public Talk by Dr. Oren Honore (Buddha-Dharma Center Hong Kong Limited)

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