BTS Jungkook’s Seven under plagiarism investigation after Fin.KL musician filed complaint

Through a report by a South Korean media outlet on August 22, we learned of it P.T.SJungkooks Seven It has been accused of 'borrowing’ a series of the same size Conclusion.K.LA song from the 2000 song Time of Mask. The accusation came from the song’s composer, Yang Joon Young, after he noticed that the main melody of Jungkook’s song was similar to theirs.

BTS’s Jungkook’s Seven Receives Plagiarism Accusations:

Song Seven (feat. Drama) composed and written by Andrew Watt, John Bellion, Henry Walter, Theron Magill Thomas and Lato. Yang Joon Young sent several resources to one of HYBE’s in-house producers. He has also requested to conduct an investigation and evaluation of the matter with the important people of the company. HYBE has not released an official statement on the situation as Bang Si Hyuk is currently on a business trip in the US.

Who is Yang Joon Young?

Yang Joon Young is one of the original composers of the K-pop industry. He composed the whole album of Fin.KL’s special album SPECIAL. Time of Mask is one of the songs composed by Yang Joon Young, from the B-side of the album. He told a South Korean media agency that the scale sequence and part of the main melody of Seven (feat. Lato) are similar to the song. Although several producers and composers had a hand in the song, he believes they 'borrowed’ his musical style for the viral song. He didn’t express his intention with the ratings and plagiarism allegations, but he is now waiting for the HYBE producers and Bang Si Hyuk’s decision regarding the controversy.

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Jungkook’s feats

It was recently confirmed that Seven has surpassed 400 million streams on Spotify. This is the fastest song by a male singer to achieve this feat as it took only 33 days. It is the 3rd fastest song to reach 400 million streams, with Miley Cyrus’ Flowers being the first and Harry Styles’ As It Was being the second. With just one official single, Jungkook has taken the world by storm!

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