BRTA strengthens innovation based on research and technology

BRTA strengthens innovation based on research and technologyEng

In recent years, innovation has become an important strategic business variable. Although companies are aware To innovateMany of them GThe main obstacles in the development of this type of activity. The situation is even worse in the case of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), where technology has become a key differentiating criterion for many companies’ competitiveness and future success.

Therefore, the adoption of technological advances plays a fundamental role in ensuring that small and medium enterprises respond positively to the speed of the market and can adopt more innovative and different approaches to the environment in which they operate.

In this case, from 2019, alliance Basque Research & Technology Alliance (BRDA) Its mission is to generate knowledge from science and technology and transfer it to industry and Basque companies to strengthen the Basque economy..

BRTA’s ideal goal is to contribute to improving the competitiveness of enterprises and achieving a more innovative society, through integration and the summation of the capabilities of its partners. Alliance-building centers collaborate with companies and provide them with knowledge in the form of scientific-technological solutions so that they can meet the challenges of the market. Innovation involves starting from new knowledge generated through research and development of new technologies and applying these advances to companies’ products, processes or services. In short, it is about putting into practice innovative solutions that create benefits for society.

Support for small and medium enterprises

One of the objectives set by the BRTA alliance this year is to bring product and process innovation closer to Basque small and medium-sized enterprises and to promote the range of services offered by the centers that make up the alliance. We want to reach small and medium-sized companies that do not know innovation, and for this it is necessary for these companies to know how to approach innovation processes. And the BRDA alliance helps guide companies to the best centers for each subject, centers that are well aware of the solutions they need to provide to companies, put themselves in their shoes and understand their problems.

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One of the objectives set by BRTA for this year is to bring product and process innovation closer to SMEs.

In many cases, there is a tendency to think that adopting new technologies is too big for small and medium enterprises. That’s why BRDA Alliance wants to emphasize that this is not the case: a company’s potential is not defined by its size, but by its innovative vision. Innovation is a matter of character, not quantity.

BRTA has more than 4,000 professionals in 17 technical and cooperative research centers that form alliances, who work across disciplines to respond to the needs of society and organizations through research and technology, generating new knowledge and transferring it.

BRTA, Alliance for Knowledge Creation

The BRTA alliance consists of 13 technical centers and 4 cooperative research centers (Azterlan, Azti, Ceit, CIC bioGUNE, CIC biomaGUNE, CIC energiGUNE, CIC nanoGUNE, Cidetec, Gaiker, Ideko, Ikerlan, Leartiker, Tecnaliaer, Lortek, Neik, Tekniker and Vicomtech), In collaboration with the Basque Government, SPRI and the Provincial Councils of Araba, Biscay and Guipuscoa. The consortium was created in 2019 with the aim of strengthening the Basque economy, generating cutting-edge knowledge from research and technological development and transferring it to industry and business. With this aim, the BRTA is committed to internationalizing the Basque science-technological offer and positioning it at the European and global level.

The main focus of the centers activity Providing solutions based on research and technology in areas relevant to the country; For example, in Manufacturing sectorNew developments in machinery or processes such as additive manufacturing or in Artificial intelligence For industrial applications; It contains Department of Energy, addressing issues such as renewable energy production, electrification of the energy system, new batteries or hydrogen; In this field Personal health, on prevention, diagnosis and treatment; or other areas such as Food industry, eco-innovation, new mobility, digital technologies… Of course, always innovating and providing solutions to the industry.

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