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In the ever-evolving world of business, CRM platform HubSpot's new exclusive market study “Sustainable Business Growth in the Digital Age” highlights the key strategies companies in Chile are adopting. From prioritizing innovation and expansion to identifying challenges and adopting critical technology, innovation not only reflects the current state, but also serves as a guide to a more sustainable and innovative business future.

With the participation of 1,000 companies in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Spain, the initiative provides a comprehensive and unique view of the factors driving business success in the region. Research reveals that companies have clearly identified their strategic priorities in their pursuit of sustainable growth.

Along these lines, the survey reveals that companies have clearly identified their strategic priorities in their quest for sustainable growth. 47% consider product and service innovation to be an important part of the core, highlighting the importance of creativity and adaptability in a competitive business environment. Market expansion follows closely at 43.2%, indicating a strong desire to reach new audiences and geographies.

When it comes to expansion, 46% of companies set their sights on new markets and express a bold willingness to explore opportunities outside existing boundaries. Surprisingly, 34.8% focus on strengthening their position in the existing market, while 22% venture into new market segments, showing a sophisticated understanding of specific consumer needs.

Likewise, 56% said marketing and sales strategies are fully aligned with their growth objectives.

In terms of using technology tools, 41.2% indicated that artificial intelligence is most relevant to their company's growth. In the same way, 48% think that the main tool for automating tasks is artificial intelligence used for decision making and operations.

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Likewise, process automation, data analysis, management platforms and augmented reality play key roles, showing the diversity of tools that Chilean companies can adopt to increase their efficiency and competitiveness.

The study also breaks down product diversification strategies, with 32.4% of companies surveyed choosing to launch new products, while 38.8% prefer expansion of existing product lines. Strategic cooperation is a 26.4% choice, underscoring the importance of cooperation towards sustainable development.

Challenges for sustainable development

The path to sustainable development is not without challenges. Camilo Clavijo, HubSpot's country manager for Latin America, highlighted that while Chilean companies are encountering various obstacles, they range from hiring employees to implementing new technologies, increased costs, effective internal communication, creating a productive culture and employee motivation. Challenges are noted, highlighting the complexity of balancing growth with effective human and technical resource management.

„These challenges underline the need to balance growth with effective management of human and technical resources, reflecting the general sentiment of companies in Chile,” Clavijo said.

In summary, HubSpot's market research provides an in-depth look at the strategies pursued by Chilean companies, highlighting the importance of innovation, strategic expansion and technology as keys to business success. These revelations are not only a reflection of the current situation, but a beacon that illuminates the path to a more sustainable and innovative business future.

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