'Bluey' special 'The Sign,' new episode 'Ghostbasket' get release dates

„Bluey” special „The Sign” officially has a release date, Disney+ announced Sunday.

Fans of the blue heeler pup and her younger sister Bingo have been eagerly awaiting the extension of the „Bluey” episode since the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) announced it in January.

„Bluey” was the most watched kids show on the sites in 2023 Nielsen's report. The series released 10 new episodes on Disney+ in January, which will begin airing on Disney Channel and Disney Junior on March 25.

However, „identity” isn't the only exciting thing. Another surprise has been dropped. A new fixed-length episode has also been announced.

Here's what to know about both releases.

'Bluey' Special 'The Sign' Release Date

„Bluey's” special „The Sign” will debut on ABC Kids in Australia from Sunday, April 14, then globally on Disney+, Disney Junior and Disney Channel the same day, according to the release.

The 28-minute episode will not air in China or New Zealand at the time.

New 'Blue' Episode 'Ghostbasket' Release Date

The „Bluey” special will be a new, standard-length episode titled „Ghostbasket” as a prequel to „The Sign.” The never-before-seen episode of the series will premiere a week before the special on Sunday, April 7. ABC Kids in Australia and later worldwide on Disney+, Disney Junior and Disney Channel in the same day.

Both the special and the standard episode were written by show creator Joe Broom. They are directed by Richard Jeffery and produced by Ludo Studios.

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'The Sign' and 'Ghostbasket' Teaser

How old is Blue? And bingo?

Many fans want to know: What is Blue's age limit?

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When the show started, Bluey and Bingo were released on 6 and 4. Disney+ Season 3 extension Bluey and Bingo are 7 and 5, respectively Official website of Bluey.

Who voices Bluey and Bingo?

In an interview with KidspotMelanie Zanetti, who voices Bluey's mother Chili, confirmed the reason why Bluey and Bingo's voice actors did not appear in the end credits.

The characters are voiced by people close to the show's creators.

„All the kids in the show are family members of the people in the production,” Zanetti told Kidspot. „I'm really glad that the creators on the show decided that no one would credit the young cast to protect them.”

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