Ivy Studio combines retro colors at Ottawa restaurant Buet Dabney

Quebec’s colorful retro restaurants influenced the interior of this restaurant in Ottawa, designed by Montreal-based Ivy Studio.

Buet Daphne The wine bar and fine dining restaurant occupies 1,500 square feet of commercial space within an old industrial building in the city’s historic Byward Market district.

The interior of Buet Dabney Restaurant in Ottawa's Byward Market district
Buet Dabney restaurant in Ottawa’s Byward Market district takes cues from colorful retro restaurants

„The establishment, led by a head chef with deep roots in Quebec and years of experience in Ottawa, aims to convey the fusion of the two cultures from the perspective of a nostalgic francophone living in the nation’s capital,” he said. Ivy Studio.

So the studio looked to Montreal’s vibrant retro restaurants for design cues, pairing caramel, brown and cream palettes with contrasting blue and burnt orange accents.

Restaurant interior with glossy cream ceiling, exposed brick walls and brown banquettesRestaurant interior with glossy cream ceiling, exposed brick walls and brown banquettes
The restaurant is divided into two areas, with a low-ceilinged space on one side of the entrance

Highly visible from the street, the dining area at the front is divided into two main sections.

To the right of the entrance is a low, intimate space with eight-foot ceilings, an open kitchen, a 36-foot-long U-shaped bar and a 15-foot-tall space with high-top counters. Seen to the left.

A restaurant interior features exposed brickwork, natural walnut and cognac-toned upholsteryA restaurant interior features exposed brickwork, natural walnut and cognac-toned upholstery
Exposed brickwork, natural walnut and cognac-toned cushions all feature throughout the restaurant.

In the upper part, the ceilings are painted black to hide the extra height, and the walls are covered in cream-coloured, v-board paneling that continues overhead in the lower part.

Bar stools and semicircular seating are both covered in blue velvet in tambour-lined booths, while vintage dining chairs have orange seats and banquettes in cognac and chocolate.

Semi-circular booths with blue velvet seats lined with tambour panelling.Semi-circular booths with blue velvet seats lined with tambour panelling.
Semi-circular booths with blue velvet seats are lined with tambour panels

Natural walnut was used for most of the millwork, and parts of the building’s original brickwork were exposed.

In front of the entrance, a lacquered server station with a tablet-shaped plan and stacked shelves draws the center of the restaurant.

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„To tie everything together, a vibrant custom-designed mosaic with accent colors covers the entire restaurant floor,” said Ivy Studio.

„Each of the different light fixtures in the space tells its own story,” added the team, which installed a 30-foot-long piece of bespoke pipe based in Montreal. Hamster Above the bar.

Burnt orange host stand on mosaic tiled floorA burnt orange host stand on a mosaic tiled floor
A burnt orange host stand catches the eye while mosaic floor tiles tie in all the colors used throughout the interior.

Meanwhile, recycled frosted globe-shaped pendants At the studio Montreal’s 1960s street lamps hang from black ceilings.

„Like the celebrated menu based on locally grown ingredients, Buet Dabney’s design gives Ottawa a true taste of Montreal’s rich culinary culture,” the studio concluded.

A tubular orange light above the bar counter with blue seatingA tubular orange light above the bar counter with blue seating
Bespoke lighting fixtures created for the space include a hamster tube design that mimics the shape of a bar.

Ivy Studio has completed several restaurant interiors in his home city of Montreal, including the recently completed Middle Eastern restaurant Hyatt, which features a color palette based on the „earthy tones of the Syrian deserts”.

Previous examples range from the Italian location of Piatti where the studio was renovated after a fire, to the tropical-themed Jack Rose in a former auto body shop.

Cinematographer Alex Lesage.

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