Bitcoin comes to Minecraft through a video game server called „Chatlands”.

This Monday, July 10, “ZEBEDEE”, a next-generation fintech developer and payment app for the gaming industry, Advertising Minecraft has teamed up with the server „Satlantis” to bring a Bitcoin reward system to Minecraft.

It should be noted that the Bitcoin themed server, Chatlandis, utilizes ZEBEDEE’s financial transaction platform technology to integrate the Lightning Network and allow players around the world to earn Bitcoins for playing.

Also, a fully developed economy in Satlantis will give significant value to transactions in Minecraft, allowing anyone to win thousands of prizes. According to the announcement, players on the server will be able to withdraw their winnings to the ZBD Wallet on iOS or Android.

However, this integration is not official and therefore not supported by Minecraft, the developer of Mojang, or Microsoft.

On the other hand, ZEBEDEE reports that it offers about 1 million satoshis per week on the Sutlandis server, which is roughly US$300.

Currently, the Satlantis server is heavily inspired by Bitcoin, with numerous components and game themes based on cryptomining. Therefore, Satlantis implements „Mining Pools” and „Hash Rate” theme, which will provide more opportunities to earn BTC with more involvement in the game.

Additionally, by enabling the Lightning Network, Bitcoin can be used to instantly trade land, resources, and equipment with other players on the server. Similarly, Chatlandis offers players options to purchase gift cards from vendors such as Amazon, Walmart and Uber Eats.

ZEBEDEE wins by integrating Bitcoin with video games

It should be noted that ZEBEDEE is one of the most important developers of payment technology in the field of „FinTech”. In addition, ZEBEDEE’s initial capital is backed by important companies associated with the video game industry, such as Lakestar, Kingsway Capital, The Rain Group and Square Enix.

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However, this is not the first time ZEBEDEE has innovated with servers focused on earning Bitcoins. In 2021, ZEBEDEE launched its own servers to earn bitcoin in the popular online shooter video game developed by Valve Corporation, “Counter Strike: Global Offensive”.

Currently, there are other video games that offer rewards in cryptocurrencies. For example, the video games “Sweet Bitcoin” and “Ethereum Blast” pay a few cents in cryptocurrency every hour played.

„We’ve been developing the idea of ​​combining Minecraft with our Bitcoin Lightning payment system for some time. With this partnership, we’re thrilled to be able to bring it to life on the Sutlandis server.” said Andre Neves, CEO of ZEBEDEE.

Additionally, the Satlantis server features game modes such as BedWars, Multiplayer Survival, and Time Trial Race. Through its partnership with ZEBEDEE, the Sutlandis server will offer players the opportunity to earn BTC while having fun.

„We created Satlantis to introduce Bitcoin to the gaming community in a fun and engaging environment. This allows us to educate them on key concepts in blockchain technology and digital assets,” said David Dineno, founder of Satlantis. „Our integration with ZEBEDEE takes this to a new level, allowing players Enables exciting instant BTC rewards,” he added.

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