Bill Gates has flown in 'economy’ for years, Netflix co-founder reveals why

Microsoft founder Bill Gates, one of the richest people in the world today, can travel in a private jet and live an ultra-luxurious life.

Bill Gates (AFP)

Netflix co-founder Mark Randolph took to X (formerly Twitter) on Monday to share an interesting story about Gates. Even as a high-net-worth businessman, Gates used to fly economy class, he said. Randolph pointed out that Gates could easily travel first class. He explained why the Microsoft founder decided not to do so.

„For years, Bill Gates flew economy, not because he couldn’t afford first class, but because he didn’t think it was good value. It’s five or six times more expensive, but marginally better (you get everything. At the same time to your destination),” Randolph shared. took

The Netflix co-founder later justified why he didn’t spend his money on luxuries unnecessarily. He explained why he never aspired to own a luxury car like a Lamborghini.

„Similarly, I can afford a nice car at the moment, but I’ve never been a car guy, I don’t need a Lamborghini or a Maserati (I can’t pronounce) a Volvo. A station wagon does the job just fine and I don’t value the difference. Over a bottle of wine at dinner. „No need to drop $1000 because I know I’ll get the same pleasure from a $35 bottle,” Randolph wrote.

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In his closing remarks, Randolph spoke of the use of wealth and time. He highlighted that having enough cash provides both security and flexibility.

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„So what is wealth good for in the end? Besides security, it also gives flexibility. After all the experiences I’ve had, the most important thing I’ve learned about money is that if you have enough. (previous definition), instead of choosing how to spend your time, you can choose to have less of it. .and spending your time doing something meaningful to you… it’s more valuable than a Maserati,” the 65-year-old explained.

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