„Benefits of Technology Dentistry”

The Martinez Cortina Clinics are located in Chama and La Felcura and are a reference in the field of dentistry. Dr. A team of qualified professionals led by Aurelio Martínez Cortina is in continuous training and updating, in this way, able to be up-to-date in terms of techniques, materials or new treatments, thus providing guarantee and quality. It has characterized clinics throughout its extensive history. A state-of-the-art 3D scanner, computer-guided surgery, printing three-dimensional models or invisible orthodontics are just a few examples that demonstrate that both dental centers are an example of innovation. Dr. Aurelio Martínez Cortina comments on developments in dentistry throughout the year.

What developments and/or new developments will you highlight this year?

– Dentistry has seen significant improvement in quality in recent years by incorporating the latest technology in treatments, mainly implants and orthodontics. Computer-guided surgery and 3D simulations greatly aid expertise and reduce patient outcomes.

-In what aspects have these technological changes helped professionalism?

– A very important change has taken place in the world of orthodontics. The new invisible orthodontics is the most esthetic solution on the market. Thanks to the current intraoral scanners with advanced software, we can carry out a complete simulation of the treatment, watching the evolution of the movement of the teeth, so that we can find the best way to achieve a perfect smile in a short time. This orthodontic is almost invisible at first glance, it is not lost by stain-resistant materials that exert the necessary force to align the teeth.

Implantology is another treatment that can greatly benefit from technology. Thanks to the 3D scanner, which allows a view from any angle, it is possible to locate the exact area in space where the incision needs to be made. The accuracy and improvement of this type of scanner allows us to reproduce the implants to be placed, the height of the bone, its quality, the incision angle and many other parameters that facilitate the specialist's work. At the same time, computer-guided surgery guarantees the correct placement of the implant, reducing surgical risks. Add 3D printers to all of this and we have all the tools needed to carry out a complete treatment with a guarantee. Physically holding a 3D model of a patient's teeth in our hands allows us to see areas of the oral cavity that we would never be able to see with a simple exam.

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Computer-guided surgery involves precise placement of the implant and minimizes risks

In what aspects do treatments improve the patient?

– The patient is a great beneficiary. Minimally invasive surgery includes techniques that replace traditional surgery and allows to reduce as much as possible postoperative complications such as bleeding, pain, swelling. With technological advances, treatment time can be significantly reduced, since the same intervention includes extraction. and implant location. Reduce the risks involved in surgery, avoid complications and side effects that were previously very difficult to prevent, and finally, reduce the number of implants needed to achieve perfect teeth.

Something similar happens with orthodontics. By having a simulation of the complete evolution, any anomaly may be present before it occurs and the treatment time can be incredibly reduced, which the patient greatly appreciates. Sometimes it is necessary to open the gaps during the alignment process, but thanks to our orthodontics, this is possible by covering the gaps so that you don't lose the desired smile anytime soon. We work with leading brands in the field of invisible orthodontics in our clinics and we guarantee optimal treatment that has an impact on improving oral health. Less incidence of cavities, avoidance of premature tooth loss, improved chewing ability and help with speech problems are some of the benefits of orthodontic treatment.

– What are you looking forward to this new year that we are about to start?

– Like most people, I hope for a peaceful and stable year with work and health for all. In the world of dentistry, improvements will continue to be incorporated into all treatments, and in our clinics in La Felcura and Chama, we will continue to incorporate all the solutions that make our work easier and improve the health of our patients. Good dental hygiene includes always keeping up to date with the checkups and cleanings recommended by professionals so that problems can be prevented in time.

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From our clinics, we would like to use these lines to wish all readers of the newspaper a happy holiday season with their loved ones and a great 2024 for all. Thanks.

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