Bang Yedam creates a unique identity, 'one and only’ and hopes for the future.

For the Korean singer-songwriter Bang Edam, music has always been an outlet to express how he feels. Much of the 21-year-old’s life has been shaped by music.

She got her start in the industry at the age of 10, finishing as runner-up in the second season of the competition show „K-Pop Star”. He later debuted with boy group TREASURE in 2020.

now, Dam Begins a new chapter: solo artist. His debut solo EP”only one” was released on November 23, showcasing the diversity of YEDAM’s talent as a singer, songwriter and producer.

’Only One’ reintroduces the Bang theme

The six tracks on „Only One” shine a light on different aspects of YEDAM’s artistry. From bright sonics and captivating melodies to soft, soulful tones, YEDAM isn’t limited to just one genre. His work is diverse, yet still lays the groundwork for a signature talent.

YEDAM was involved in the production of „Only One,” calling the process „a lot of fun.” „I loved the process of seeing my song become the final product for this album,” YEDAM told USA TODAY.

Writing music is like 'making a gift for someone’.

„The album really revolves around the theme of love,” said YEDAM. Each track traverses and dissects an aspect of emotion, whether it be reflective nostalgia”Miss Yu„or infatuation”come to me„.

YEDAM wants to create something others can relate to. „When I write music, I do parts because I want to write music,” he said. „Another part of me does it because I want to see other people enjoy my music. It feels like I’m making a gift for someone.”

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He believes listeners can resonate with the lyrics and messages throughout „Only One.”

„When I listen to music, I actually look at the lyrics and get the message and then process it,” Yedham said. „I hope the same goes for people who listen to my music.”

Reflects growth and future hopes

YEDAM said he has grown a lot since he started at such a young age. As he grew older, YEDAM gained more experience and learned new things. He grew into a great artist but also a great man.

As he embarks on this new era, YEDAM remains ambitious, yet humble. He has aspirations and things he wants to achieve, but takes each day as it comes.

„Regarding my solo debut, I’m somewhat stressed about it, somewhat burdened, but at the same time, I’m very excited about it,” he said.

YEDAM believes that people can empathize as an artist, and whatever the future holds, music will continue to be YEDAM’s vision.

„In the future, I will become a great musician,” he said. „I hope to continue my work in music.”

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