Samsung, Disney and Pixar team up to bring joy to laundry with Bespoke AI Laundry Combo™

The new collaboration playfully showcases how Samsung’s latest laundry features help take the stress out of doing laundry.
„Inside Out 2” opens in theaters on June 14.


Samsung Electronics Disney and Pixar announced their latest collaboration today with „Inside Out 2.” In a new co-created video, Samsung explains how Bespoke AI Laundry Addition™ transforms the laundry experience to reduce negative emotions and bring joy instead.

The ad features four emotional characters from „Inside Out 2,” each representing the emotions we experience while doing laundry. With a whimsical touch, the ad sets the scene for a joyous journey through the laundry process, saying, “There’s a lot of emotion inside, but we have Bespoke AI Laundry Addition™, it takes care of your emotions. It cleverly points out how key features of the device address the emotional aspects of laundry practices.

Ginny Jung, vice president of Samsung Electronics, said, “This collaboration with Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out 2 will allow us to showcase our product strengths in a new way with Pixar’s storytelling expertise. We will continue to introduce various promotions and marketing to showcase the innovative features of Bespoke AI Laundry Addition™ for consumers.”

Launched in April with a custom teaser spot at events in New York, Seoul and Paris Bespoke AI Laundry Addition™ Revolutionizes laundry practices by combining washer and dryer functions. Its space-saving design eliminates the need to transfer loads between separate machines, streamlining the entire process. Thanks to the integration of AI Bubble™ technology, users enjoy efficient washing and benefits.

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The joint ad, which will premiere on Samsung’s YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other channels on May 24, will be available on multiple platforms as it builds anticipation for the global release of „Inside Out 2” in theaters on June 14.

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