As the actors’ strike reached 100 days, optimism and financial distress mingled

LOS ANGELES, Oct 20 (Reuters) – As the actors’ strike reached its 100th day on Saturday, artists on strike offered a mix of financial problems and hopes of a better deal from studios after negotiations broke down.

In a picket line outside Netflix on Friday, striking actors thanked a proposal by A-list Hollywood actors like George Clooney to give the SAG-AFTRA union $150 million over three years to end the strike.

„It shows that they’re paying attention, and supporting other shows because A-listers can’t work without B- and C-listers,” said Richard Speight, 54.

„They’re very happy to be involved, they’re happy to be emotionally committed, and they’re also financially prepared for what’s going on.”

Actor and writer Vincenza Blank, 36, said the labor union was interesting, but the financial numbers were tough, „I had to do things financially to cover expenses I wouldn’t normally make. .”

The strike has affected film and television production, leaving thousands of crew members and actors out of work. Hollywood’s film and television writers agreed to a new, three-year contract earlier this month, ending their 148-day strike.

But talks between studios and the actors’ union broke down last week over streaming revenue and the use of artificial intelligence.

Many actors expressed hope that the union would reach a deal that actors deserve and that would help offset the high cost of living in a place like Los Angeles.

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„We’re going to stay strong and keep going,” Kevin Grossman said, „and I definitely don’t think we should stop. If you’ve made it this far, you can keep going.”

Report by Rollo Rose; By Mary Milligan; Editing by David Gregorio

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