Prince Harry doesn’t feel Meghan Markle’s kids in England are constant reminders of Diana’s death: royal experts

According to GB News, Prince Harry is reluctant to bring his children Archie and Lilybet back to the UK. In a recent podcast, Cameron Walker and digital editor Swar Nanan-Sen discussed this and Harry’s case against the Home Office.

Prince Harry lost his police protection in England after stepping down from royal duties in 2020. The Duke of Sussex is now fighting this in court. Cameron argued that Harry was reluctant to bring his children to the UK because of the lack of taxpayer-funded protection.

„You’ll remember in the Netflix documentary series, Meghan was very open and emotional about this, fearing for her family’s safety, making sure all the doors were locked at night in the Montecito house, and worrying about the children’s safety,” Walker said.

„You can see how passionate Harry is about it and how important it is to him. He’s had two court losses now and he’s still fighting his way out and he has another appeal,” Nanan-Chen said.

It was clear that Nanan-sen was very worried about this matter. She also believed that Harry would not take these steps unless he planned to visit England more often with his family. Nanan-sen clearly felt it was important for Harry to bring his family.

„Well, that’s the crux of it, because Harry’s case is that he’s not safe. He doesn’t feel his family is safe when he’s in England because he doesn’t have police protection officers from the Metropolitan Police with him.” Walker said.

„So that’s the main reason Prince Harry didn’t take Meghan and Archie and Lilibet to England because he can’t guarantee, he’ll say, he can’t guarantee their safety.

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Walker said she believes Prince Harry is constantly reminded of what happened to his mother. Lady Diana, since August 31, 1997.

When he died in a car accident in Paris he indicated that he did not want to have his bodyguards and that there was no police protection. Walker suggested that this had a profound effect on Prince Harry, causing him to fear bringing his family back to the UK.

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