Apple’s loss in China against Huawei

Sales iPhone 15 The market fell 6% Chinawhen Huawei According to data from the market analysis firm, the giant is doubling its marketing in the Asian country GFK (meaning 'growth from knowledge’ in Spanish).

Symptoms of A are increasing The collapse of the millionaire American company In one of the world’s most important overseas markets

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According to statistics from Counterpoint Research, a global technology stock market research firmCell phone market in China It is recovering compared to 2022. An example of this is that in the reports for the third quarter of 2023, only a 3% drop was recorded compared to the one reported a year ago.

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Even if it comes back Apple On the contrary, it is one of the companies that did not get the expected success in launching its new model. iPhone 15.

International Data Corporation (ITCIn its English acronym), a global market intelligence, consulting services and events company for IT markets, assesses Apple’s shipments fell 4% in the third quarter of 2023.

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In fact, according to an analysis by Counterpoint Research and Jefferies, Apple’s decline in China could reach double-digit percentage.

Rather, multinational Founded in China 87, Huawei, A has registered 37% growth. The brand new model, Appendix 60According to GfK, sales of $1.5 million were made in the month of launch.

The company’s net profit doubled in September, reflecting the impact of the newly launched 'Mate 60′ and 'Mate 60 Pro’ phones.

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Huawei’s Mate 60 series will continue its strong sales momentum in the near future

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La Series Mate 60 D Huawei It will continue its strong sales momentum in the future,” said Hayden Hu, senior analyst at GfK China. Likewise, he said there was a decline in sales. Apple occurred against the background of rapid development of Huawei.

It should be noted that Apple manufactures its phones in China With partners like Foxconn Technology Group, it derives 20% of its revenue in this country, surpassed only by the US.

Internationally known as 'Foxcon’, this Taiwanese technology company is also known as Han Hai Precision IndustryThe stock market fell on Monday, October 23 after it became known that several of its subsidiaries in China were subject to a tax audit.

According to the Global Times newspaper on Sunday, October 22, this comes after an investigation into alleged subsidiaries of the audit committee in the provinces. Condon (On), O Jiangsu (It) is „suspected of violating local regulations.”

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Tensions between the US and China have put the North American company in the middle. International media reported The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), In September, the government banned all officials and official agencies from using iPhones during work hours.

After days of nervousness, Apple shares fell more than 5% on the week, Losing about $200 billion in market capitalization.

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Beijing seeks to reduce its dependence on American technology. „But it (the ban) acts as a big hurdle for Apple because China is its biggest international market and represents about 20% of its revenue,” explained Victoria Scholar, head of investment at UK investment platform Interactive Investor. France 24.

For his part, at the time of the ban, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning said, „”Products and services from any country are welcome to enter the Chinese market As long as they comply with Chinese laws and regulations.”

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