Andrew Ross has been appointed Chief Security Officer at leading security awareness provider SoSafe

COLOGNE, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SoSafe, Europe’s leading provider of security awareness, behavior and culture change, today announced the appointment of Andrew Ross as its new Chief Security Officer (CSO). With extensive industry experience, Ross is a highly successful cybersecurity executive with a strong focus on the people-centric aspects of cybersecurity.

In his role as CSO, Ross will focus on driving SoSafe’s vision to strengthen digital defenses around the world and help customers transform their security culture. You will bring practical experience, knowledge and perspective to managing risks and improving cybersecurity posture in complex organizations.

Recognized for his outstanding contributions to the sector, Ross was awarded the prestigious title of 'European CISO of the Year 2018′. SC AwardsAnd has been part of CSO30 Every year since its launch in 2020. Throughout his career, Rose has transitioned security management for a number of major organizations in the legal, aviation, technology and financial sectors.

More importantly, Rose Proofpoint Inc. Served as CISO-in-residence in , where he helped clients improve their security practices, nurtured the CISO community, and represented the brand externally. Prior to that, he oversaw UK aviation cyber security at NATS and managed multi-billion pound secure processing at Mastercard business Vocalink. He also worked at the Forrester Research Institute, where he was a senior analyst covering the space of awareness and culture change Influential models Security awareness for industry. In 2015, Ross won the „UK Awareness Campaign of the Year” award at the UK Cyber ​​Security Awards when he implemented models he designed at Forrester. Rose also has an established track record in the legal industry spanning over a decade as CISO at 'Magic Circle’ firms Clifford Chance LLP and Allen & Overy LLP.

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Niklas Hellemann, psychologist and CEO of SoSafe, commented: “Andrew’s experience is a perfect fit for our work at SoSafe. In an era of increasing AI-driven cyber threats, Andrew’s extensive industry experience will be invaluable in leading our efforts to be a global industry leader in strengthening the human side of cyber security.

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Rose’s decision to join SoSafe reflects the company’s unwavering focus on addressing the critical issue of the underappreciated human factor in cybersecurity. „There is a huge disparity in access because most defense budgets are devoted to defense technology, while, World Economic Forum, 95% of cyber threats involve the human element. „SoSafe’s commitment to strengthening the human factor, along with the innovative use of behavioral science and technology, aligns perfectly with my vision.”

„SoSafe’s approach to security awareness is unique in the industry – having a CEO with a background in psychology means a human-centered perspective is deeply embedded in its DNA. They focus on behavioral science to solve the problem, then use technology to drive the solution,” said Ross.

By joining SoSafe, Andrew Rose will further strengthen the company’s position as an industry leader. With his track record of success and commitment to driving secure behavior in organizations, Andrew Rose is poised to make a significant contribution to the company’s ongoing mission to strengthen digital defenses.

About SoSafe

SoSafe helps organizations build a culture of security and reduce risk with its GDPR-compliant awareness programs. The company was founded in Cologne, Germany in 2018 by Dr. Founded by Niklas Hellmann, Lucas Schaefer and Felix Schuerholz. Today, it serves over 4,500 clients worldwide and is the market leader in security awareness and training in the DACH region. As one of the leading second-generation awareness platforms, they are driven by behavioral science and intelligent algorithms and focus on user engagement and customer needs. In doing so, SoSafe provides engaging, personalized learning experiences and intelligent attack simulations that turn employees into active assets against online threats. Optimum Group has more than 370 employees in seven locations: Cologne (headquarters), Amsterdam, Berlin, Lisbon, London, Munich and Paris.

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