Why does AI Bin get so many negative comments?

As technology becomes an integral part of our daily lives, more and more companies are trying to create tools that focus on changing the way we interact with the environment. HoweverNot all challenges are usually successful.

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So is Human's most recent release. The company, which has many ex-Apple employees, AI Pin has been introduced in the market, A device that promises to be a replacement for smartphones. However, the reviews don't look too sweet.

In terms of context, this device works like a smart pin that can be placed on clothes and allows you to answer calls with a touch. To send messages, you only need to activate a voice command and see specific information, you can program it in your palm.

After AI, in addition, It costs about 700 dollars (2.7 million Colombian pesos). and requires a monthly subscription of 24 dollars (about 93,000 Colombian pesos).

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AI pin is a revolutionary invention of human


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Although great expectations have been generated by this new device, the first impressions are not so good. The main criticism focuses on the fact that the device does not fulfill the most basic functions. And communication is slow and erratic.

According to tech news media specialist 'The Verge', failures are recorded when trying to maneuver the screen. Its capabilities are very limited. Beginner users test the data plan to pin report errors (due to its low resolution) and imprecise translations.

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The interactive 'nightmare' also extends to the photography segment, as the lack of a precision targeting system forces users to rely more on luck than technology when taking photos. Images cannot be viewed on the same device, but must be viewed on an alternate one.

Despite the negative comments, those who have analyzed it highlight that perhaps this type of technology has arrived 'too soon', which is the way the idea will become more useful in the future, when AI becomes more integrated.

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