Andalusian technology of the future for olive trees from Roman times

from the application Conical stones or for cylindrical granite grinding, developed in Roman times, for the present continuous systems Centrifuge And there has been a great evolution in the complete self-cleaning of oil mills, virgin or extra virgin olive oil extraction methods, achieving the ultimate objective: improving the quality of olive oil.

The next challenge is to integrate traceability systems through implementation to track the path of olives and oil from harvest by farmers to consumers. Digital control systems GPS tracking of all olive inputs and their origins and tanks where liquid gold is found.

Andalusian Strategy for the Olive Sector 2023-2027

The introduction of technologies and digital developments in the agricultural sector is included in the 'I Andalusian Strategy for the Olive Sector 2023-2027', which was approved in November 2023 and coordinated by the Andalusian Agricultural and Fisheries Management Agency (AGAPA) and this Córdoba and John UniversitiesIt is created by agents in the olive industry.

Olive Grove Foundation

Since its birth in 1990, the Olivar Foundation, headed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development of the Government of Andalusia and located in the Science and Technology Park of Zeolid de Mengibar, is of technological and special importance. Born in 1990 in the digital industry. We look forward to events already happening in the field from the foundation, positioning data as the company's unique identity,” he asserted. Javier OlmedoAdministrative director.

This company originated the Price Information System –POOLrd. It is a computer system that is responsible for estimating and quoting the price of olive oil directly, according to the total purchase and sale transactions that take place over a period of time.

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Another of the industry-leading technical tools developed by the Foundation in John is the reference and synchronization system for virgin olive oil tasting panels – Interpanel – which allows all panels in the world to connect in real time and make common decisions. Quality improvement at international level.

Special blue cups that mask the color of the oil for an oily taste


Project attached to that project”Blahhood By olive oil authentication site Fingerprint», which determines that every oil in the world is as unique as a person's fingerprint, so it cannot be confused with another oil and it is detected if it is mixed with another.

According to Jose Maria LopezIn charge of the foundation's new advanced services area, „many factors are at work, such as the size of agricultural assets, climate change or water scarcity, which challenge the olive sector. »

Jaén Rural Box Foundation, Olivarum

The Lab of Olives The analysis linked to the olive sector, promoted by the Caja Rural de John Foundation, focused on the study of projects. Olive juice In the collection of information by or through Sensors on board drones.

Precision farming with drones


Jain University

On the other hand, the University of John (UJA) focuses all its efforts on the application of digitization in the olive industry, which has led to the talk of precision agriculture, achieving more efficient and sustainable agriculture.

In this sense, an interesting project funded by the Government of Andalusia and promoted by the University of John is called. 'PREDIC I'Aimed at achieving a forecast for the next season's harvest, information of great value to insurance companies or farmers studying the possibility of investing in their farms.

On the other hand, UJA participates in the international program 'Oliver' For the certification of olive grove CO2 credits in the voluntary market

The €1.8 million and four-year project will address the regulatory, social and economic barriers that currently hinder this process through the development and certification of international standards that allow access to olive oil producers. Carbon credit market.

Project members participate in the initial project meeting


All the data about the nutritional value of the olive grove, crop pests or water stress in the crop are obtained through sensors. In drones, satellites or laboratories, Forms an important source of knowledge for feeding Artificial Intelligence (AI) The professor said that the most effective tool „must be trained so as to be able to predict situations that will help the development of the field”. Francisco Fito.

It is necessary to ensure that all these technologies are integrated and, at the same time, cooperate with the European objectives of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Farmers They are aware of the enormous benefits it brings to their agricultural lands and thus can maintain leadership in the capital sector for the Andalusian economy.

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