Alicante GTD’s technology will manage Costa Rica taxes

Alicante GTD’s technology will manage Costa Rica taxesInformation

Los Costa Rican taxpayers Let’s use Alicante Technology Pay your taxes. The Central American country’s Ministry of Finance has given its go-ahead to GTT New tax management system. A project funded by World Bank and whose sum About 21 million euros, according to the company’s statement.

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About The highest award achieved till date by the company led by Carlos Rico, which was bought by Stirling Square Fund this summer. With this project, GTD Strengthening its position in Latin America, It’s there too Dominican Republic Since 2018, it has acquired a majority stake in GSM Group and HondurasIt lands in 2021.

Precisely, in this last country, it creates a project similar to the one now starting in Costa Rica, because the Honduran government also commissioned it to develop new software to manage its taxes. As explained by the Alicante company, it is a project that is planned to be implemented early next year. In this case, funding has been provided Inter-American Development Bank.

A turnover of over 48 million

There is a GTT group The largest Spanish provider of software and services for tax administrationwith a Consolidated Billing It exceeded last year 48.5 million Euros, after growing by more than 20% compared to the previous year. The company was born in 1998, when a group of experts led by administrator Fernando Plaza decided to replicate in the private sector the management model he had developed for Suma, the tax collection system of the Provincial Council of Alicante.

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The company’s CEO is Carlos Rico.

Since then, it has specialized in development Computer programs for tax management Also performsFor taxpayer service and other related services This task should be simplified for various administrations. Today, its technology is more advanced 4,300 Spanish municipalities, either through direct awards from municipalities or through any of the 21 councils that have contracted their services. According to statistics the company collects on its website, it collaborates with four regional governments.

Overall, the company already manages more taxes 25 million taxpayers And it collects receipts worth more than 22 billion euros every year. It had 765 employees at the end of last year, according to the latest balance sheet deposited with the Commercial Register.

Change of ownership

Although initially its main stakeholders savingsAfter the bursting of the real estate bubble and the arrival of the crisis, these companies decided to withdraw their capital in order to raise money, i.e. transfer them to funds. Increase capital. Later, the fund was sold in 2017 G.E.D Already Oquendo CapitalHe moved him back to the British in 2020 AnacapOver 120 million euros.

Finally, the latter decided to make his investment profitable last summer, selling the company to the fund Stirling Square. Of course, at the head of the company The team led by Carlos Rico follows.

During its history, GTT also acquired several of its competitors, such as the Catalan Tribugest or the Basque Kesmunbal. It also recently took over Grupo Meena’s e-governance division.

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