Alcambo is updating its supermarkets with anti-theft technology through CheckPoint Systems

Supermarket chain Alcambo Agreed with Checkpoint systems Betting on innovation and cutting-edge technology in the market to update the technical solutions of its approaches. In total, 197 companies have NEO NP10 antennas installed with a battery of online cashier solutions, positioning the company at the forefront of technology that improves the customer experience.

Antennas NEO NP10 Developed by one of the global leaders in RFID solutions, Mark a A new standard in the market And the NEO family represents a technological revolution that combines modern and elegant design with high performance. This innovative antenna ensures wide entrances by allowing path widths of up to 2.70 meters and requires fewer antennas per installation as they provide better detection.

NEO antennas are easy to install because they do not require ground clearance and intelligent connectivity allows for continuous software updates and improvements throughout their useful life. In addition, it is a valuable data collection tool and allows for remote maintenance, resolving incidents quickly.

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In the box line, Alcambo has chosen to install ScanControl technology to control the correct operation of the boxes by connecting them to deactivators. Counterpoint ID Ensures accurate labeling and effective customer service.

Emmanuel SoncinBusiness Unit Director of Checkpoint Systems in Spain, Portugal and France: “We are excited to expand our relationship with Alcambo, the tools that contribute to the creation of technology and commitment to constant innovation on the pillars of providing a better shopping experience to its customers. For us, Alcambo is a partner through which we can grow hand in hand, assuming constantly renewed objectives and designing technology that facilitates the daily work of its workers.”.

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Miguel Angel Garcia, Security Director From Alcambo in Spain: „This alliance is essential to maintain our commitment to providing our customers with the best shopping experience and allows us to continuously update each of our supermarkets with technology solutions easily integrated into the design of our stores.

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