Tips from FPL experts for Double Gameweek 37

scout team Fantasy Premier League Experts offer advice on how to make the most of Double Gameweek 37 (DGW37), where it’s okay to win points, what to do if mini-league success is your priority and balancing players who double up against players with favorable single Gameweek fixtures and strong competition in Gameweek 38.

Nick Harris (@WGTA_Nick)

With six teams doubling up and many managers still holding the chips, it’s an important gameweek for big mini-league swings. If you have players who don’t play, it makes sense to bring in a player with a double, even for a win. There will be a few single gameweek players you still want to keep, Arsenal players for example, who are fixture-proof and expected to beat struggling Manchester United.

My advice is not to take too many punts as the best performing players are always very consistent.

If you don’t own key players, it can easily blow up in your face and you can only take big risks if you’re really chasing it and that’s the only difference against your mini-league rival.

If you’re not into bench boost, I’d still bench single gameweek players like Gabriel (£5.4m) and focus on everyone else with doubles. I still have Caoimhin Kelleher (£3.7m), who won’t play, and Darwin Nunez (£7.5m), so off both and I’ll probably win. William Vicar (£5.3m) or David Raya (£5.2m) for a bench boost, although the latter has a gameweek, perhaps Rasmus Hojlund (£7.1m) or Joao Pedro (£5.2m) for my third forward slot.

Lee Banfield (@FPLFamily)

DGW37 represents your last real chance to win big in your mini-leagues – and the moves you make will depend on your risk appetite. There are many nice differences like that Richarlison (£6.8m), Noni Maduke (£5.3m) and Joao PedroBut having those doesn’t include the likes of high-asset Son Heung-min (£9.9m), Cole Palmer (£6.2m) or Alexander Isak (£8.4m).

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You can go differently with captaincy. Erling Holland (£14.2m) reminded us of that last weekend with four goals against Wolves, but if you want to go against the Norwegian side, Isak and Palmer look like the options to go.

Udkarsh Dalmia (@Zophar_FPL)

Clubs targeting DGW37 are the ones to play the most; Chelsea, Man City, Newcastle and Spurs are less likely to rotate. However, with many managers already stockpiling these players, it might be a good idea to look at Arsenal players, Man Utd looked very vulnerable against Crystal Palace and the Gunners’ Gameweek 38 matchup at home to Everton is a good one, too.

Gianni Puttis (@GianniButtice)

Assessing what you’re playing for is critical in the last two weeks of the season. Some strictly chase overall rankings, others prioritize mini-league success, and with this, your strategy will vary.

Chasing mini-league success means that if your teams are too similar, you’ll need to make your transfers and skipper a rival. In this case, taking hits and playing aggressively is definitely encouraged. Likewise, if overall rank is more important to you, you can continue playing all season and choose players you support to get the most points with every decision you make.

Personally, my plan is to play it relatively safe this week, sell the injured Harry Maguire (£4.3m) for a Brighton defender so I can boost the bench with 14 doubles, then have fun next week with two free transfers and a win. Try and bring Mohammed Salah (£13.4m) and Kai Howards (£7.5m) for the final day. It might mean selling the likes of Son and Bruno Fernandes (£8.5m) in Gameweek 38, but sometimes you have to make tough choices in FPL, and of course, by making them in Gameweek 38, those bad decisions don’t have a lasting effect beyond a gameweek. There are – I call them guilt-free transfers.

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Sam Banfield (@FPLFamily)

This week is tough. With so many double gameweekers going into this week, you could be missing out on great picks in the final gameweek of the season. My advice is to leave some money in the bank for that final game week so that if you want to go for players like Salah, you can do so easily.

I’m on the bench boost this week and I’m trying really hard not to be blindsided by those players who have extra potential for 90 minutes. Years of playing FPL tells us that form is key, so teams like Arsenal may only have one fixture, but form, a match against an out-of-form team and maximum motivation possible. A Premier League title in a row, I rank them in the same way as players with two fixtures.

Last week I tried to be brave as captain, choosing Phil Foden (£8.4m) over Holland over my mini-league rivals. Although it didn’t work out, I’m not opposed to trying again in DGW37. Deciding whether your priority is overall rank or mini league success should be considered before going with a different captain.

For me on the bench boost, all three of my outfield bench players are likely to come from Arsenal. I’m really happy to be able to play them this week, they’ll be a big difference against those who have sold them in recent weeks and haven’t had a bench boost.

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