Al Barakah Forum for Islamic Economics hosts inaugural summit in Istanbul

Saudi Gazette reports

ISTANBUL – The inaugural summit of the Al Barakah Forum for Islamic Economy was held on May 24 and 25 in Istanbul under the theme „Global Opportunities for Islamic Economy: Fundamentals and Needs”.

The event was held at the Istanbul Lutfi Kardar International Convention and Exhibition Center in collaboration with the Investment Office of the Turkish Presidency, Istanbul Financial Center, Turkish Sovereign Fund, Al Baraka Turk Bank and other notable institutions.

The opening session was attended by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the late Sheikh Saleh Kamel was not only a successful businessman, but also dedicated to humanitarianism and helping the poor. in difficulty.

Erdoğan highlighted that the Al Baraka Forum for Islamic Economy has played a significant role in promoting the Islamic economy as a viable economic option.

Sheikh Abdullah Saleh Kamal, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Al Barakah Forum for Islamic Economics, noted in his opening speech that the leadership of Islamic economics originated in 1981 in Madinah, the historical capital of Islamic economics.

He recounted how his father, Sheikh Saleh Kamel, started the first participatory banking initiative in Turkey 40 years ago by establishing the Al Baraka Turk Participation Bank.

This initiative paved the way for ethical banking aligned with true Islamic principles. A few days before his death in 2020, Sheikh Saleh Kamel announced that the seminar would be transformed into this prestigious global institution, the Al Barakah Forum for Islamic Economics.

Explore the fundamental principles and values ​​of Islamic economics, identify trends and challenges in the global Islamic finance sector, foster cooperation and successful partnerships among Islamic countries, discuss and explore strategies for advancing Islamic economics in the digital age. The Role of Youth in Shaping the Future of Islamic Economy The event will include keynote addresses, discussion sessions, workshops and networking opportunities, providing valuable insight and opportunities to interact with community leaders in the field.

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The Al Baraka Forum for Islamic Economics is an independent global think tank that aims to develop partnerships and alliances with regional and international institutions to develop the knowledge infrastructure of Islamic economics, address contemporary economic challenges and keep pace with Islamic economics and finance.

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