AI offerings among technology distributors grow 625% in one year | distribution

TD SYNNEX released the Technology Direction 2023 report, conducted in partnership with Canalys, which highlights the key role of high-growth technologies and ecosystem partnerships for partners to address skills gaps and uncertainty. The results show the tremendous interest that artificial intelligence (AI) has sparked across the technology distributor ecosystem, and how many resellers are thriving despite rapidly changing demands and market uncertainty. Despite several headwinds in the industry, the survey reveals that stakeholders are significantly preparing for the changing reality by realigning business priorities and offerings.

„The partner ecosystem is a bellwether for the global technology landscape, and this study provides actionable insights for any organization navigating macroeconomic changes, including disruptive new technologies and market challenges around the world,” said Rich Hume, CEO of TD SYNNEX. . „It’s encouraging to see our channel partners being confident and optimistic about the future, and demonstrating flexibility in their business models, focusing on emerging technologies and adapting to changing customer needs.”

The report can be summarized in five key conclusions, with some of the most compelling data summarized below:

–In one year, the number of partners offering AI/ML solutions increased by 625%. Indeed, many high-growth technologies such as cloud, AI and IoT, cybersecurity and hyperscale infrastructure dominate partner offerings. Security is the top-selling technology, closely followed by networking, servers and storage, and hybrid cloud.

–Changes in skill requirements reveal gaps in the talent pipeline. A third (38%) of respondents said managed services was their top business skill, while security was their top technology skill requirement.

After security, networking and data analytics were the most in-demand technical skills among partners globally, and after managed services, professional services and business planning were the most sought-after business skills. Capacity requirements vary by region, illustrating how each region evolves to meet the needs of its markets. However, a common feature in all four regions is high demand for managed services.

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–Canalis estimates that by 2023, 73% of IT spending will be through stakeholders, underscoring the technology channel as an essential market strategy for capturing value. Cybersecurity leads the way as the technology most often offered by partners (91.5%).

–77% of channel partners saw revenue growth this year, and partners are achieving this by changing their business models and offerings in real-time to meet changing market needs.

Portfolio composition changes. Product lifecycle services, intellectual property and resale of packaged services increased 150% to 200%. About 50% more respondents identified themselves as managed service providers (MSP) than the previous year, illustrating the explosive growth of this market.

–The number of partners who say environmental, social and governance (ESG) management is important to their businesses increased by 125%. 37% of partners report additional ESG investments and 38% address ESG strategies through hybrid or outsourced partnerships.

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