8 Trends Setting the Pace for Technology

According to the Future Today Institute (FTI), these are some of the most influential trends in technology today.

TechnologyIt develops at an absolutely frantic pace, It has a huge impact on practically every aspect of our lives.. There is practically no major escape from the powerful influence of technology.

However, the technology is deeply versatile, supporting numerous trends. At the SXSX conference Future Today Institute (FTI) Divided by 16 Brightest technological trends of the present time. What we present below are the technology trends collected by FTI that have the greatest impact on the marketing and advertising industry.


Web3 refers to decentralized applications hosted primarily on blockchain technology. This is the case with cryptocurrencies and NFTs, for example. The idea of ​​Web3 is to give users more responsibility than individual technology companies in the digital ecosystem. In its report, FTI highlights the economic challenges the crypto market has faced over the past 18 months, but also The technological infrastructure of that market has advanced considerably. By relying on private blockchain networks, companies can leverage their businesses.


As with many technical fields, The Metaverse is benefiting greatly from rapid advances in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In 2022, Metaverse was the protagonist of a veritable „hype” that catapulted it to stardom that would later be overshadowed by the entry of AI onto the scene. Even so, Meta continues to use his vision strongly in the Metaverse, which has seen many advancements to AI in recent months (for example, by creating hyper-realistic avatars). According to FTI, the Apple Vision Pro and MetaQuest 3 glasses are the most recent examples of the beautiful intersection of the Metaverse and AI. In the future, personalized metaverse-based experiences controlled by AI loom on the horizon.

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News / Information

The way we search for news and consume information will always change with the emergence of AI, FTI highlights in its research. Using AI-powered text and video tools will irrevocably change the value chain in media as they become easier to illuminate engaging content. however, With the advent of AI on the scene, recognition of data and images that make their way into media is more important than ever.. Furthermore, the lists of results provided by the Google search engine, whose algorithm has already significantly reduced the visibility of news websites, should be replaced by summaries generated with AI.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has a reputation as the most important technological development of the present and future and is strongly penetrating all industries.. While large language models (LLM) have received the most attention in the AI ​​arena to date, it is large action models (LAM) that will lead this field of activity in the future. LAMs are applications that use AI to predict human actions based on large amounts of data. According to FDI, these types of models have several risks. To prevent tech companies from continuing to act as „gatekeepers” of AI's nascent data collections, it's important for the industry to become an open-source AI standard in the coming years.

Energy / Climate

The issue of climate change remains extraordinarily complex in many areas, including the technology sector. Thanks to the new ESG regulations, companies are already investing more in initiatives focused on environmental protection and social responsibility, and reporting these types of initiatives more transparently, although regulatory pressure is also fueling „greenwashing”. What is beyond doubt is that energy and climate-related technologies have great potential for change and encourage technology companies to enter new markets.

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Electrification is changing all parts of the movement. According to FTI, major advances are taking place in intelligent systems aimed at movement in this field of operations, which also includes robots and drones. However, there is still plenty of time for fully autonomous systems to become available to everyone (especially in the automotive industry). For robots, the dream that they could eventually replace flesh-and-blood humans is a chimera, as today they can only perform a limited range of tasks. However, drones are more advanced and their development has been greatly advanced by autonomous systems.


After last year's strike, actors from US union SAG-AFTRA are now contractually protected against the fraudulent use of AI by Hollywood studios. Deliberately vague language in which the contract makes possible the protection of actors against AI may be necessary given how unclear the possibilities of artificial intelligence are in the entertainment industry today. According to FTI, AI is democratizing creativity, but it's creating an excess of content in the form of video generated from textual stimuli. With AI on its side, this industry can increase sustainability and open up new avenues for monetization.


According to FTI, The relationship between humans and computers is somehow at the mercy of a vicious circle. Humans build computers to improve their productivity, and this eventually allows them to build more advanced machines.. FTI observes the growing convergence of the two entities, which feed into each other in some way. Many researchers are, in fact, experimenting with new computer architectures inspired by the structure of the human brain. Experiments with so-called organoid intelligence using human brain cells as computers are already underway.

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