6th grade students from CEIP Los Manantiales won first prize at the Andalusian Technology Fair.

The school participated in the Youth Talent and Creativity category. The meeting was attended by 2,500 students and teachers from 82 Andalusian schools and institutions.

The 6th grade primary students of CEIP Los Manantiales won first prize at the IX Andalusian Technology Fair (FANETC) last Friday in the Youth Talent and Creativity category at El Palacio de Congresos de Torremolinos. In this 2024 edition, around 3,500 students and teachers participated, and 350 projects and tasks were carried out by primary, secondary and undergraduate youth from 82 centers in Andalusia, 36 of them from Malaga.

The Councilor for Education of the City Council, Pilar Conde, wanted to convey his congratulations to the school community of one of the oldest schools in Alhaurin de la Torre. Management team to develop and inspire students’ potential, which goes beyond their teaching duties, as well as to students and their families.

Created in 2014, the Andalusian Technology Fair aims to support, encourage and recognize the creative, entrepreneurial and innovative talents of young Andalusian students in the field of technology.

It is an initiative promoted by the Regional Delegation for Educational Development of Málaga, the Malaga Teaching Center (CEP of Malaga), the Andalusian STEM Association, the Industrial Engineering School of Malaga, the Andalusian Technical Teachers Association (APTA) and the City of Torremolinos. Council to promote digital and technology skills among the new generation.

On the social network Instagram, CEIP Los Manantiales itself commented as follows:

„Today’s experience at the Andalusian Technology Fair was incredible. The 13 representatives of the 6th grade groups learned, had fun, compiled future ideas from other exciting projects and represented the work of all robotics classmates in an exceptional way, making our school’s name shine.

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And if!

We wanted a gift and we brought it home! Talent and Youth Creativity Award A thousand thanks to all the sixth graders and the families who made this possible, especially to those who participated in the p-one contest, to its creators, and to Jesús and his company forecasters. Thank you to Manantiales brand for sponsoring our trip and for these t-shirts we are wearing today.


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