5G bidding and its role in access to connectivity



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December 10, 2023 at 8:22 pm m.

The government is set to hold the 5G auction on December 20, a major milestone in the telecom sector in 2023. According to Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, sAnd licenses to use radio frequency are issued at the national level In the 700 MHz, 1900 MHz, extended AWS, 2500 MHz and 3500 MHz bands.

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Among the companies heading for the auction, Brazilian telecommunications company Telecol stands out, joining the list of bidders. Temporary Union (UT) of Claro, Vom and Movistar and Tico. It is expected that there will not be a single winner.

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There is no shortage of debate surrounding this process regarding the dominant conditions of the Claro operator and the immediate capitalization of Tico Une.

With 5G, growth and development of sectors is expected Education, medicine, mobility and energy can help improve quality and productivity.


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