54% of Spaniards think AI will improve their quality of life and 44% will buy a phone that includes this technology.

The presence of artificial intelligence in the everyday life of Spanish society is evident, as half of Spanish citizens have had some experience with AI. However, according to the 'AI and Mobile Security: Uses, Attitudes and Perceptions' report prepared by Samsung and Ipsos, their knowledge of AI is at a basic level and their opinion is neither positive nor negative.

AI services most requested by users are voice assistants, automated text generators and customer service applications. Interestingly, 38% of Spaniards would like AI to help them with kitchen tasks and 31% would like to recommend movies or series.

A positive perception of AI?

50% of people believe that the importance of artificial intelligence is comparable to the advent of the Internet a few years ago, while 48% believe that whoever controls AI will dominate the world. Among Generation Z, almost half of the 18- to 25-year-olds have a positive opinion that technology will create more free time and new jobs for them.

However, the Spanish population shows reservations regarding the use of AI, mainly due to concerns regarding access to information on platforms, reliability of responses and possible manipulation. AI also creates fear of bias, as 80% of Spaniards think it has biases, especially based on race, gender or nationality.

In the current environment, there is a strong belief in the integration of artificial intelligence into everyday tasks and the ability to improve the daily use of mobile phones. 54% of Spaniards believe AI will improve their quality of life, and 44% are willing to buy a phone that includes artificial intelligence.

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Although 60% of Spaniards already use AI on their mobile phones, half of them want this technology to facilitate communication, act as a real-time translator between different languages ​​and give more control over the appearance of texts or images created. In addition to AI, more than 50% want to improve their phones' privacy, security, battery and camera image quality.

Security and privacy are key concerns

Security and privacy are key concerns regarding AI in Spanish society. Approximately one-third of respondents feel very safe using a mobile phone with integrated AI, while more than 40% feel neither safe nor unsafe when using these types of online tools or downloading and using AI applications on their mobile phones.

Regarding the perception of data privacy, 47% do not know whether AI compromises their data, but 34% believe that it contributes to improving security by protecting against cyber-attacks. Only 22% would be more than happy to let AI access their data to protect their confidential information.

Source: Information technology trends

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