3SIX9 Studios was launched by a team including Saudi Sheikh Mohammed El Kheriji

Saudi Arabia’s fast-growing entertainment industry added a high-profile new film company this week.

3SIX9 Studios was launched by the Saudi sheikh at the Cannes Film Festival this week Mohammed El KherijiA long-time investment leader in Hollywood films; Daya FernandezWorked with Tom Cruise and will be the CEO; Inga V. Smith, a former Paramount executive who is president; And Amuri NolascoAn actor/producer best known for a TV series Prison break.

The company will seek to create „a new era in Hollywood-Saudi entertainment cooperation,” the quartet said in a statement Monday, by leveraging strategic partnerships with key Saudi leaders in finance, production and business — and Yellow Camel Productions, among others. Saudi Arabian Manufacturing Company – to support new products.

Projects already in the works, according to the company, include Bunny RunA fast-paced action comedy written by Jason RothwellShooting in Saudi Arabia in the fall of 2024; Scotland YankA humorous contemporary reimagining Sherlock Holmes By Mitch KlebanoffFilming in the US and Saudi Arabia; PatrolA gritty action-horror film Hunting; And Not Too Long a Night: Double ClutchA television series created by Ilya Naishuller And Will Stewart.

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