EXO’s Baekhyun, Chen, and Xiumin filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminate their contracts. The company responds

Mumbai,Updated: June 1, 2023 11:48 IST

By Bhavana Aggarwal: After Lee Seung-ki’s episode with label Hook Entertainment, EXO members Baekhyun, Chen, and Xiumin filed an official lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminate their contracts with their label. They accused SM of extending their contracts by 17 years and giving them unfair deals such as overdue payments.

Three EXO members filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment

In a statement from the EXO members, the trio’s legal representative states, “From March 21 until recently, the three members sent a certificate of contents a total of seven times, through which they requested a copy of the apparent settlement report and the basis for it. Solution.” The rep added, “This is SM once again unfairly using power against its artists.”

According to Soompi’s full report, the legal representation noted, “SM believes that SM is using his position to coerce artists into signing slave contracts spanning nearly 20 years, including their training periods. is far from short.”

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According to the report, the trio plans to file an official complaint with the Korea Fair Trade Commission. „We Long-term exclusive contracts like this are similar events for most SM artists and not just Baekhyun, Xiumin and Chen. „Baekyun, Xiamin and Chen are sincerely considering filing a complaint with the Korea Fair Trade Commission regarding the long-standing exclusive agreement and subsequent signing of the exclusive agreement,” part of the statement reads.

They apologized to fans for causing concern and revealed that they are now scared for raising their concerns on the matter.

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SM replies

Following this, SM Entertainment responded to the allegations, saying, “We have confirmed that outside forces are approaching our artists (…) Outside forces are not really thinking about the artist, they are doing illegal activities that are attractive. „We will not sit by the movements of those who follow the greed of money (…) for our artists to make wrong decisions and violate exclusive contracts, and will take all possible legal action.”

More details about the case will be updated soon.

Meanwhile, EXO is expected to make a comeback as a full group this year. Earlier, SM Entertainment ran into trouble with fans as they had to announce Cain’s enlistment on an urgent basis.

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